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Name: Frostbite
Species: Unicorn
Gender: female
Age: 19
Occupation: -
Likes: the warm sun
Dislikes: her loneliness, the war, the ‘curse’
Special Talent: Ice magics (with a lack of control)
Minor Talents: avoiding social contact,
Alignment: neutral


Height: 4'2”
Coat Color: white
Mane/Tail Color: Ice
Eye color: light blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Ice crystal shard

Frostbite[unicorn][completed] Frostbite_by_doppelbob-d7bchsi



Frostbite is mostly emotionless. she seems totally frozen inside as outside. She tries to avoid contact with others because she doesn't want to hurt ponies or other creatures. She isn’t able to control her magic well and mostly has hurt others with it. Thats why she really rarely uses it.

She knows theres only a little chance, she is able to rescue her parents (which actually are frozen several years by now). but she does not give up. She tries to find someone mighty and kind enough to help her to gain control over her magic.


Frostbite was a happy filly. She lived in a smaller village near Ponyville and had many friends. Often she was hanging out with them. Her parents were normal citizens and her life was like it should be in her age.
Then it changed. During winter a huge snowstorm was capturing everypony in their houses in the village. Frostbite was very bored since she wasn't able to go outside, and it got worse from day to day.
As Frostbite was fed up with all this “staying at home”, she took warm clothes and went outside. She wanted to have fun, even though the snowstorm was strong. She started to build a snowpony and played in the snow. She wasn't even feeling cold. It was strange but she didn't really think about it.
As she went back home her parents welcomed her, visibly worried, they hugged her very tightly.
Frostbite knew she did something stupid and felt sorry. She wanted to apologise, but as she tried to release the hug, she wasn't able to. Her parents were holding her tight. She looked up and looked in two faces of ice. Her parents froze into ice sculptures. Frostbite backed away and looked at her hooves. Her fur colour slowly vanished and her mane and tail kind of froze.
Something happened as she was out there, something changed her.
She tried everything to warm up her parents. Rub on them, making the oven hot. Nothing worked.
She spent a few days lying in front of them, crying. Her tears froze before they reached the floor.
The only ‘positive’ thing about this was a great increase of her magic. She now was able to perform ice magic. But she had to find out that she wasn’t able to control it and accidentally froze her whole house. It kept at least anyone outside and no pony was able to break through this barrier which held them from finding out the truth about Frostbite’s parents.
After a few days she picked herself up and went out to search for help.
She went to other towns, but it was difficult for her finding help. Mostly the ponies were afraid of her when they found out about her ‘condition’ or more or less ‘curse’.
The lack of control over her magics bothered Frostbite. She also tried to find someone who could teach her controlling the powers. But she hadn’t much luck on her search. Mostly she accidentally harmed the ponies who tried to help so much that they left.
Now, 9 years after the incident, she heads towards Manehatten, hoping anyone there could help her.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:

- Around Frostbite it’s always cold even if it’s summer and the sun burns.
- If she touches anyone, he gets frostbites very fast, that’s why she wears the shoes and gloves/socks.
- Her mane and tail is some kind of frozen, but still flexible.
- She has a lack of control over her magics, so she rarely uses them.

Personal Timeline:

-coming soon , hopefully
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