Seven Motion[Zebra][Completed]

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Seven Motion[Zebra][Completed]

Post by Pike Vanguard on Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:39 am

Name: Seven Motion
Species: Zebra
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Occupation: Traveling healer and adventurer
Special Talent: Herbal healing and first aid with potions/poultices
Minor Talents: Some combat skill with a large spade. Knowledge of history

Physical Appearance: Seven Motion has normal striated zebra patterns but has a shorter tail than most zebras. His mane is unkempt and long to the point where it does not stand on end anymore but is a bit mussed at the top. He has deep blue eyes and is about 4'7". He wears a large vest made of bark that seems to double as armor although it hides his true size. The vest makes Seven Motion appear heavyset although he is muscular and toned underneath. He has a large satchel strung around him to hold his valuables including his potions and herbs. An unusual set of heavy golden tiles adorn his back, these seem to serve no other purpose than to hinder and agonize the zebra.

Picture: Picture Pending

Personality: Seven Motion is a remnant of a bygone era and a foreign land. He considers all intelligent life sacred and will do his best to help anypony in need. He is old, a tad impatient and will always speak directly about his feelings and decisions. Seven Motion usually experiences long periods of isolation on his own so he values time with other beings as much as possible. He does not like flippant behavior. This especially comes true in conversation, as he will not have any arguments about his decisions and will let others make mistakes on their own just to make a simple point. Essentially, he's a bit of an old codger who not only likes to take the moral high ground, but believes he IS the moral high ground.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: He has zebra potion/poultice making abilities but they are focused more in healing and repairing limbs. Though the abilities are astounding they more or less function as analgesics and adrenaline boosters more than magical cures. His healing ability suggests work during the war as a neutral healer.
He has a good historical knowledge of Equestria but alongside a true historian his knowledge pales.
He is very handy with a shovel, both for use as a pry-bar/digging spade or as a weapon.

-Bark Armor Vest
-Sturdy, Sharpened Steel Shovel
-Herbs and Roots for poultices
-Provisions, mostly berries and hay
-Seemingly Decorative Gold Tiles
Free Item:
-Large Satchel
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