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Rose Veture [Unicorn] (completed) Empty Rose Veture [Unicorn] (completed)

Post by Prism on Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:12 pm

Name: Rose Venture
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age:  12
Occupation: Adventurer
Likes: Action, Adventure, Daring Do, reading
Dislikes: Getting hurt, getting stuck inside
Special Talent: Puzzles
Minor Talents:  Map reading, reading, Adventuring
Alignment: Undecided

Height:  2” 8’
Coat Colour: Pink
Mane/Tail Colour: Rose
Eye colour: Orange
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Map with Binoculars

Picture: Rose Veture [Unicorn] (completed) Iwzu4Sx

Personality: She is always ready to jump to action with her bag full of stuff. She acts all big a tough like she can take on the world but if things start to go back or she get very scared she soon starts to show her age and cry’s for mum. She does her best to act like daring do who is her number one hero.

History: She was born soon after the war started in the city of Canterlot and here is where she stayed with her mother. As she started to grow up her mother would read her all sort of adventure stories, her favours being the daring do books.

She would always want to go outside and play and have her own adventures like daring do but her mother would always keep a close eye on her when she was very little so she had to just play inside with what toys she had till she got older and could read books for herself.

When she reached the age of 5 she started to ask question about who her dad was, her mother still had a number of pictures of her dad and she would show her them and tell her that he was a brave solider that went out to fight the griffons when they attack and that he had been killed. She didn’t really understand all of it at the time and wasn’t very upset as she never knows him but could see it upset her mum.

When it got to the point where she needed to start school her mother and a number of other ponies had started up a school for again this time she had more than just young unicorns to teach. This was when she started to learn about magic and other things and where they lived. They would also get news about what was happing with the war even if it didn’t look good for Equestria, but most of the time was spend learning magic or trying to find what their special talent is.

Over the time in school she learnt a number of simple spell and read more books mostly adventurer once and when everyone else was getting their cutie mark she still hadn’t got hers yet. It was not till she got the age of 8 when she got her mark and it was the same day that the war ended with the attack on Canterlot. She was out once again without her mother knowing when the city was attack. She found herself on top of a building stuck to start with and there were griffons everywhere once the ponies get into the city.

She would of stayed up there but it’s not what daring do would do so she got her rope out and made sure teddy was safe then tied the rope up and swung down from the roof just like daring do would do and right into a griffon. All she did was bounce off but it distracted him and the griffon was gone and replaced with ponies in amour. That told her to hide and get to safety “I am an adventurer” she said showing them her adventuring card. It was clear she was going to leave them but she agreed to stay out of the way.

So she jumped from building to building and this time there was no swinging down to save the day. What she would do was throw bricks off or throw one of her bangers off to distract the griffons so the armoured ponies could move up she helped them as far as she could and they were heading for the castle where the princess use to live. She had to pull out her binoculars to watch them move up she knew from her books this was where the heroes to rise up and save the day no matter the numbers, but things didn’t look that way and there soon was just one red stallion still fight them all. Maybe this was the hero from the stories and he would beat them all he was winning and there wasn’t any bad griffon left just those on the castle that were shooting at him but he was still going up the steps. It was at this point her binoculars were taken away and she saw a very angry mum looking at her. She never saw what happened to the red stallion.

She got told off a lot that day but she did find out she had her cutie mark so there was a little party for that with her class mates. Things after that got quite she would go on smaller adventures but nothing as fun as the day she got her cutie mark. The years past and she worked her way through school reading more about the places in Equestria working out where she wants to visit and started to get a collection of maps as well ready from what was left of the library.

Is she now 12 and has just heard of the Manehattan riots, and it sounds like Manehattan is a place to be as Canterlot is very boring. So one day his packs up what things she needs for a long trip and sneaked out once more to get a train to Manehattan.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Maker: Can make small objects that she can stand on to get higher places limited to 3 things at once.
She is also good at tying knots with her TK
Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)
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