Astrida North (griffon) [complete]

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Astrida North (griffon) [complete] Empty Astrida North (griffon) [complete]

Post by Void's Mirror on Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:46 pm

Name: Astrida North
Species: Griffon
Gender: female
Age: 43
Occupation: Lieutnant
Likes: fight, tactical thinking
Dislikes: males, females, clichés
Special Talent: Merciless implementation of necessary even though brutal things
Minor Talents: tactics, and of course fighting as all militaries        
Alignment: Griffons

Height: 5’2
Coat Colour: dark brown-grey; underside light grey-beige
Mane/Tail Colour: light grey-beige (lion tail)
Eye colour: green

 Astrida North (griffon) [complete] Bild12

She is an unapproachable griffon who spends her time thinking about war, fight tactics and training. She’s got no friends and doesn’t need them. She learnt to despise male and female the same. So to say: she is quite a loner.
But in her job she is incisive, follows her orders without hesitation and doesn’t hesitate to give them. She is merciless by making bloody decisions if those are the best tactic. And of course she doesn’t back off from implement them herself. She lives the military. Not the war, no. But the military. With the discipline.
She seems to be invulnerable – both inside and outside. Also formidable for many. Because of her not hesitating she has got leadership abilities.
She never had many friends. But one. This one griffon was weak, shy griffon boy. Why she befriended with him is a question, also to her. Protective instinct, probably.
She kept away from girls – the giggle and gossip were repulsive to her. Boys were smug fools and show-offs who didn’t take her seriously. She ignored them also. Only this shy boy who caught her eye because of his alone-ess, was different.
She saw how they distressed him. She helped him, held her claw out, he took it. Followed her since then. They spent their free time silently. He read. She hit a sandbag or browsed through magazines about fight and tactics. Later, when school was over, they lost sight of each other.
Her parents were of different opinions about her decision to go to the military. Her mother sighed heavily. Her father was proud of his ‘son’, as he called her sometimes.
In the army she worked her way up to higher ranks but she still had to face prejudices about her sex. A mentor said it was also her cold, dismissive manner that was to blame. She thought much about that. In the end she decided to work on that. It became a bit better but not perfect.
While war, she only fought in small, minuscule towns. But good enough to became […]. At least, she was ordered to Manehatten.

Personal Timeline:      [not yet existing]
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