Griffon Leader VIP Charter Application [COMPLETE]

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Griffon Leader VIP Charter Application [COMPLETE]

Post by Tisis Antony on Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:23 pm


Name: The Council of Five
Species: Griffon
Gender: Four Male, One Female
Age: Mixed- all adults over 22
Occupation: Voting on Manehattan City policy, law, and action- carrying out that policy
Likes: Mixed- each council member is disposed to their own likes
Dislikes: Disobedience
Special Talent: Convening- the vote of the Council is by Manehattan charter, law.
Minor Talents: Enforcement- The council can make sure that the griffon branches obey their orders
Alignment: Griffons


The council is a mixed group of five griffons from varied backgrounds, convening by city charter to decide policy.

There is a special branch of Guard, that reports directly to them, that ensures that their policies are carried out among the various other branches of the Griffons. This branch wears a very distinctive white cloak, bleached white leather armor, and a red fur cape with a bleached white leather exterior.

If needed, this Guard branch, called the Regulators, can and will suit up in normal armor for times when someone is being uncooperative.



The five councilmembers are as following:

Gwynilldrir La Grande-Duchesse, or Gwyn, or The Duchess

Appointed by the Tsardom to represent the Tsar's interests in Manehattan. She's never set foot in Equestrian soil before having been appointed to this post, and is absolutely ignorant in the plight, needs, or affairs of Equestria. She is quite the fop, dining in luxury and is morbidly overweight for a griffoness of only 24 years old. Until recently, she had not known Ponies were capable of intelligent thought. She still doubts their sentience.


  1. Her personal welfare and luxury
  2. Tsar's income
  3. Maintenance of the status quo
  4. Needs of the nobility in and around Manehattan
  5. Security of the city itself

Victor Lanceclaw

First and foremost among the Guerrillas for his aptitudes in the work itself, Victor was appointed to his post by his successor who'd died in a raid gone sour. Victor is often quiet, and speaks with a laconic wit often disarming his more verbose councilmates. He is professional, but almost too professional- this is just a job for him, not a calling.


  1. The continued existence of the Guerrillas (and his job)
  2. Swift execution of his job- capturing and killing rebels
  3. "Cracking Down" on resistance, including passive resistance and non violent
  4. Expanding the role of his branch, lobbying for less restraint and regulation
  5. Increasing funding to his branch, especially to acquire more contractors.

Marcus Hellios Pikkos, or informally, Mark Pike

Mark Pike has been the regional director of the OGI since the early days of the occupation. He reports to both the Council and to his superiors in the OGI, thus giving him a broader view of the conflict then the other Council griffs. He often seems tense, quiet, and reserved. He doesn't tend to speak unless he is spoken to directly, or when he has something very pertinent to the discussion to add.


  1. Acquisition of valuable intelligence
  2. Restraining the Guard and the Guerrillas
  3. Manehattan security
  4. Pacifying the ponies peacefully
  5. Expanding his spy network

Greiff the Crestfallen

Greiff represents the Burough of Labor, overseeing the security, reconstruction, and utilities of the city. He is dazzlingly ineffective at his post, requiring the use of a massive staff of intermediaries, clerks, contractors, and assistants to ensure that his job is done. He is prone to fits of berserker at awkward moments. He only has this job because the prior representative was killed in unforeseen circumstances, thus propelling Greiff from his prior position as Captain of the Guard.


  1. Ensuring that his organization doesn't lose funding
  2. Civil security of the city and its population (through the Guard)
  3. Expansion of utilities, like electricity, and running water
  4. Timely tax collection
  5. Providing for the Griffon veterans in the population.

Biggin Business

Biggin is pony liaison to the council, though his interests are slightly more shady. In theory, his job requires that he bring pony interests to the knowledge of the relatively ignorant council, but most frequently his interests lie in the Griffon investors who pad his pockets and keep his ventures afloat. Still, he is a pony, and he does a lot to counteract blatantly anti-pony measures that sometimes crop up in council votes.


  1. Expansion of business, industry, and commerce within the city
  2. Counter-acting anti pony sentiment in the council
  3. Allowing transit into, and out of the city, especially commerce
  4. Decreasing taxes, abolishing occupation martial law
  5. General security of the city, especially in richer areas.


Shortly after Manehattan was captured, a military governer was installed from the garrisoning troops. This governor, a Griffon by the name of Feliks, managed to secure the city, see to the construction of Port De'Luge, and Griffon Headquarters, and was responsible to many of the current martial laws still enforced in Manehattan.

He created a council to oversee his works, the predecessor to the current Council of Five. Eventually, military needs in other regions prompted his long absence, an absence made permanent by his death in a theater of battle by a wayward friendly rifle slug.

The Council expanded gradually with Imperial approval, and saw the inclusion of the Duchess at the Tsardom's behest. Roughly speaking, the branches do follow a loose hierarchy, but the charter the council currently has calls for a vote on issues of policy. Roughly speaking, the Borough of Labor and the OGI's votes were the earliest seats- both originating with the first Military Governor. The Tsardom's appointment came third, and eventually the Pony Liaison saw his seat given to him. The Guerrillas were the most recent addition, a necessity in the light of the increased Rebel threat.

Griffon Law

The Griffon Counsel's decision is law in Manehattan. Given this, though their decisions must be vetted by GK staff in terms of big stuff, they can change the terms of the occupation, or the framework and composition of the cities branches and operations. Lawful players will be asked to respect this accounts votes as the roleplays de facto "griffon law".

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