Ferdinand von der Marsch[griffon][complete]

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Ferdinand von der Marsch[griffon][complete]

Post by Grayscale on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:52 pm

Name: Ferdinand von der Marsch
Species: Griffon
Gender: male
Age: 81
Occupation: Doctor/Researcher
Special Talent:Is able to treat minor and major wounds(good knowledge about griffon anatomy)
Minor Talents: quick with his scalpels
Appearance: White feathers with grey edges at his wings. His cold steel blue eyes don't show any signs of a soul.

Personality: Ferdinad loves it to be alone and he quickly gets aggressive if he's in a group, whose IQ is lower than the room temperature. Years of isolation in his laboratory made him lose every moral and respect for live and he does everything to get his results.

A small medical set.(Bandages,2x scalpels, sewing kit, pincette)
Oil lamp
Bottle with water
A vest where he stores the medical set and matches
A bagpack for looting

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