Abel Geornus[Griffon][Complete]

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Abel Geornus[Griffon][Complete]

Post by °๖ۣۜXarith on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:15 am

Name: Abel Geornus
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 26(13)
Occupation: Explorer and Cartographer
Special Talent: Archery
Minor Talents: Memorization & Acrobatics

Physical Appearance: Dark Blue and Manila colored feathers, with hints of brown accenting along them. Fur is mostly a chocolate brown. Is slightly smaller than most average griffons due to his age, but not so much so. Eyes are a deep blue to contrast with his beak and claws which stand as a light yellow.

Think Peregrine Falcon.

Personality: Abel is a eccentric one born with the spark of curiosity that kindles the fire that can only be fueled by action, adventure, and noodles. This being so, the young griffon tends to get himself into trouble most often. Being an abandoned orphan in the city of Geornus, Abel took the city from which he hailed as his surname. And even though this may be apparent, Abel doesn't let the fact get him down and always continues to go about life in a carefree manner through his niave, sarcastic, and light-hearted ways.

Special Skills/Abilities:
Acrobatics: Abel has a knack for being quick on his paws. With his young age, he still retains much of his youthful properties that some older griffons may lack. Even though he can't be as fast in a flat out race over land or in the air, you can expect him to be quick and nimble in a dance or in a duel.

-Composite Bow.
-A quiver holding arrows.
-A small bag of provisions.
-A sizable flask of water.
-His Cartography kit for mapmaking.
---Papers, various inks, and numerous quills.
-A satchel.

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