Ala [griffon] [complete]

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Ala [griffon] [complete]

Post by Void on Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:08 pm

Name: Ala Fata
Species: Griffon
Gender: Female
Age: 34 (17)
Special Talent: Empathy (sense for the feelings of others)
Minor Talents: Contagious with her happy-go-lucky and laughing mood

Physical Appearance: She is of no special height with a tendency to being small and tiny. Her feathering is a very light rose. Her lion tail, her forelegs and her feathers are purple. She's got green eyes and wears many bracelets.


Personality: Ala is a young griffon in a happy-go-lucky-duration mood. She likes everybeing and talks to them until a smile appears on their faces. Of course it can be annoying but usually she feels that but ignores it most of the times. For the benefits of the others who just don't know yet. She is sensitive and a bit reckless.
Why should such a griffon go on such a dangerous expedition?
The reason is simple: she isn't as happy as she always acts like though no one knows. In fact there is a deep and dangerous grief stuck inside her that makes her go to extremes. She seeks for distraction. And without knowing it by herself for death. She takes sedative pills.

Leather drink bulb filled with water
Food supplies
Sharp knife
Sedative pills

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