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Ulfred Berton (Griffon)[Complete] Empty Ulfred Berton (Griffon)[Complete]

Post by Freyia on Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:36 pm

Name: Ulfred Berhton (Ulfberht as his signature)
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Occupation: Blacksmith
Likes: Hardwork, dedication, a nice story
Dislikes: Laziness, ignorance
Special Talent: Smithing - A master blacksmith, there is very little this old griffon can't make. He is known for crafting some of the finest weapons the griffons have ever wielded, however he prefers to make more "useful", as he puts it, items.
Minor Talents: Repairing, cooking, poetry
Alignment: Griffons

Height: 5'10"
Coat Color: Naturally grey, but looks very dark grey due to his profession 
Mane/Tail Color: Naturally white, but again looks very dark
Eye color: Brown
Cutie/Glyph Mark: "I ain't no pony"


Ulfred grew up in poverty, and through dedication and hard work made a name for himself, earning great wealth and respect. As such he is a creature who has seen both sides of the coin. To say he is a hard worker is an understatement. This griffon spends every waking hour improving whatever he is doing, whether that be smithing, cooking, even making poems (though his skills with a quill are virtually nonexistent next to his skills with a forge). He is kind, though he says things how they are. He would help others in need by making them work, and those that refused to are a waste of time. Some might call him a hardass, but once you prove your worth, he is actually a softy, preferring peace and personal growth.

Humility is something that is readily apparent around him. He never flaunts his accomplishments, takes compliments with a grain salt, criticism with grace, and says very little to those not in his inner circle. However, earn his respect and he will never shut up, usually talking about stories, memories, or anything else that makes for fun conversation. Most creatures he trains do not stay with him long after they are finished, so he is a loner, never having a mate be able to handle his obsessive nature. Still this does not bother him, as having a fulfilling life can happen whether surrounded by the world, or alone in your room. His poems are mostly about self enlightenment and pursuing anything you do to the best of your ability. Many ask to be his apprentice, but very few make the grade.

Ulfred was hatched to a family of the lowest class. Being hatched fifth of eight, he had to work very hard, begging, lying, even stealing, just to keep his family from starving. The odds of him surviving were grim, but fate was on his side, as one day he failed to steal from a well known blacksmith. Instead of turning the fledgling in, he offered a chance to apprentice in his shop, under the condition that he work harder than any other apprentice. Ulfred seized this opportunity to get off the streets and help his family. During his youth he surprised even the smith with his hard work and dedication, working before anyone, and leaving long after everyone. His results at first were nothing to be admired, often needing to be redone, but he never quit. Every day his method and skill improved, and every item got better and better. 

By the end of his apprenticeship the smith had offered him a job, to work with him as he traveled the kingdoms. To this Ulfred leapt, continuing his training. The smith began to teach Ulfred things that only masters know, certain tricks and skills that would prove very useful to him in the future. For the next eleven years they traveled to every corner of the Kingdoms, learning and crafting for nobles, armies, and cities alike. By the end of it, Ulfred was ready to attempt his own Masterpiece to present to the guilds. He left his mentor to begin this long and life changing quest.

At first Ulfred was optimistic, but  he was never able to finish anything, his perfectionism constantly telling him it was not good enough. Again and again he would try, always failing to his own criticism. Finally after years of failing, starving alone on the same streets he grew up in, it seemed that is was all a pipe dream, and that he was destined to die here. That is until a revelation. It was dead middle of winter and snow was falling like rocks. Fledglings played all around the streets, not a care in the world. One smaller than the rest was making snow griffons. The first she quickly made, a harsh looking creature that resembled nothing of a griffon. Still she stood back, took a good look and smiled. Then right next to it she started on another, this one looking more like a griffon, but still harsh on the eyes, to which she did the same thing. After what seemed like an eternity, the street was lined with snow griffons, each one better than the last, each one earning a smile from the little one. She did not focus on the imperfections, she did not tear down the statue if it did not look good. Instead she focused on the next task, focusing on improving herself and her work.

After that, Ulfred picked himself off the dirt and began a masterpiece that was sure to impress even the most jaded of masters. A sword, a symbol to cut away that of himself which held him back, his desire for perfection. Instead he would only seek improving himself, knowing perfection is always a step ahead, but not caring. This sword took years and many tries, but instead of trashing the ones that didn't quite work, he would keep them, displaying them in his shop. One day a nobleman happened by and saw the wall of swords, a good twenty of them hung, each one excellent in its own right. He purchased them all and took them back to the governor, giving them to all the guards. There was so much talk, that soon royalty themselves were coming to him asking for more weapons. At first Ulfred didn't mind the attention, knowing that his masterpiece was almost complete. He made anyone anything they wanted, earning a name as a great weaponsmith.

It was a few years before the war the he presented his masterpiece, a sword of such precision, balance, and skill that none had seen one better. Inscribed in the center was the signature Ulfberht, a fitting name for the sword. Without question it was accepted and the title Master was awarded to him, his life dream fulfilled. however, happiness was short lived, as orders from the Tsar told him to created enough weapons to arm a small nation. Of course, he could not deny and spent the next few years and the entire war making instruments of killing. He remained focus on on improving himself, but making such instruments of death was something he never desired. They were meant to be symbolic, not used in such a saddening way. After the war, he became reclusive, taking his money and going on pilgrimage, trying to coupe with what he did.

He now finds himself in the conquered Equestria, looking to help rebuild in anyway he can what he aided in destroying. He is loyal to the griffons, but he never hated ponies. He just wants to atone for what he did, the only way he knows how.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: 
Master Blacksmith - Ulfred is a Master craftsman, able to make anything out of metal. While he prefers making non lethal items, he is known for his weapons and armor, the best given the title Ulfberht, his signature. These arms are renown for their strength, flexibility, durability, and amazing handling. He does not like making these weapons if they are going to be used for killing.

Money - Ulfred has accumulated much wealth over his years, enough to buy a sizable plot of land and a nice house to go with it. Still he only lives off of what he needs, using the rest to help those less fortunate than himself (though never for free). He could never work for money again for the rest of his life and still live like a noble, not that he would ever do this.

"The pursuit of perfection is a never ending fall. Instead strive for your best today, then tomorrow make it better. That is all we can ever hope to achieve."

December 22, Afternoon: To New Beginnings

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Ulfred Berton (Griffon)[Complete] Empty Re: Ulfred Berton (Griffon)[Complete]

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Accepted. Nothing out of the ordinary to nitpick, and the character is well rounded.
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