Johan Tercel (Griffon)

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Johan Tercel (Griffon)

Post by Johan Tercel on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:41 pm


 Name: Johan Tercel  
Species: Griffon
 Gender: Male  
Age: 46 in griffon years 
 Occupation: Colonel in the Griffon Army  
Likes: Efficiency, control, tinkering  
Dislikes: Disorder, Anarchy 
 Astrology: Aquarius  
Minor Talents: Gunsmithing, supply tactics, artillery management  
Alignment: Griffon Kingdoms   
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches on all fours  
Coat Color: Pale white  
Feathers: Gray  
Eye color: Unknown to most, they are the brilliant emerald of the Halden family. 
 Picture: (Vector made by Kroll)  


Personality: Exact and almost driven, Johan Tercel is a unique individual. With a stoic personality, cold and seemingly emotionless, this Colonel goes about his duties with a quiet efficiency.

When socializing, most beings note his voice as being quiet, almost melancholy in nature, when they hear it clearly (as Johan wears his breathing apparatus at all times). This is a reflection of the fatigue this unique griffon feels daily.

History: Bastard child of the Duke of Halden, Johan is the eldest son of the Halden family. However, this griffon will never be in the line of succession. Having been born without most of both legs, and almost albino, he was also born out of wedlock with a maid in the Haldenschloss castle. As such, although his mother kept care of him, he was sent to leave with his father at a very young age.

Always a scholar, Johan buried himself in his studies, while his two half-brothers Mikael and Hans always attempted to entertain him as best they could. However, as he lacked the mobility of his siblings, Johan was often left to his own devices.

Before the war struck, a young and hopeful Johan graduated from the Tsar's Academy in the Palemire with high honours, being among the top of his class. Having talent in both machining and artillery, he went straight to the Gunmaester's School in Halden, where he learned the intricacies of artillery command. Johan designed several guns that are widely used today in his time here, such as the "Blutgreif" musket and the "Hornet" cannon, both with his trademark tri-barrel flintlock design.

When the war hit, Mikael left to Equestria  with two prosthetic legs of his own design, which allowed him limited mobility (and thus independence). However, en route to the first battlefield of his career, the hopeful griffon's convoy was ambushed by an Equestrian fleet. His cabin, where he was cowering, was hit by a direct blast by a cannon. The resulting splinters and debris shredded his body, embedding numerous shards of wood in both his torso, right arm, and belly. Falling from the airship, he managed to glide into a nearby forest, where he hid for several days until a roaming griffonic vessel found him. Brought immediately back to the Palemire, he underwent drastic surgery, as his right arm, wings, and lungs were severely damaged. Having to amputate both his wings and arm, the doctors also fitted the griffon with a specialized breathing apparatus. For, as the shards of wood had shredded the lining of his lungs, he could not breath normal air for fear of infection.

Awaking from a month long induced sleep, the griffon awoke with a foreign mask attached to his face, and a tube in his throat for air. Gasping greedily, he sat up and looked around. The doctors explained their procedure, and how Johan could never breath normal air again, for fear of death.

Emotionlessly, Johan nodded and asked for a report on the ship that brought his convoy down. The doctors, surprised, quietly acquiesced. For, you see, the Johan that had been brought back was not the Johan that awoke. The previous Johan had been quiet, bookish, yet charming for all his flaws. This new Johan was cold, exact, and heartless. Released with a new prosthetic arm, he left the hospital with new purpose. Revenge against the captain of the vessel that caused his injuries, and a quick end to the war so that no more griffons would suffer like he had.

Healing quickly, the Johan discovered through painstaking research that the Pegasi that brought him down was located at none other than Trottingham. Quickly transferring to the front once more, the artillery captain prepared the barrage that would level the city, and ultimately gave the order to fire.

After this resounding success, he was promoted to Colonel and sent back to the Palemire, where he refined his supply line techniques and gun designs. After Fillydelphia was taken, the illustrious "Maestro of the Cannon" transferred to the town as a garrisoned officer. After the military governor was assassinated, Johan became the temporary governor due to being the highest-ranked officer in Fillydelphia.

Moving fast, Johan brought in supplies from his home province of Halden, and several hundred guns from the newly-established factories in the Palemire. Dividing the city into impenetrable sectors, he also surrounded the city with his "Hornet" anti-air cannon, which filled the air with hundreds of small bullets in several seconds after firing. With the city thus secured, he began a systematic destruction of the rebel threat. Dumping gas into the sewers to kill any stragglers, his soldiers proceeded to kill any and all beings in two thirds of the sectors with gun and sword. All surviving civilians were transferred to mines and work camps in the Kingdoms itself, and fresh colonists from the Kingdoms were brought in to rebuild the city.

With a commendation from the Tsar himself, the "Monster of Fillydelphia" went to live out his days back in the Halden Duchy, living in sad retirement with one of his brothers dead during the war. After four years, he got a notice via mail from a fellow officer stationed in Manehatten, about a similar situation to Fillydelphia's arising. With grim determination, Johan arose once more, his emaciated body and baleful intelligence left via airship to the once thriving metropolis. The gods only know what he plans for the city now...

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Johan requires a special breathing apparatus to survive after a severe airship crash. If this is removed, Johan WILL die due to infection within several days.

Personal Timeline: (once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.)

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Re: Johan Tercel (Griffon)

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