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Kroll [Griffon]

Post by Kroll on Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:33 am

Name: Kroll
Species: Griffon
Age: 32
Occupation: Captain of the Guard
Likes: Licorice, Loyalty, Weapons, Teamwork, Schemes
Dislikes: Stupidity, Betrayal, Mention of His Service Dismissal
Special Talent: Weapon Improvisation.
Minor Talents: Interrogation, Crossbow Proficiency, Rifle Proficiency, Explosives, Military Training and Tactics
Affiliation: Griffons

Height: 5’7”
Plummage Color: Mottled Gray
Tail Color: Mottled Gray
Eye Color: Opaque Amber
Cutie/Glyph: N/A


-Personality:   Kroll has an unyielding respect for authority, obeying the commands of superiors to the best that his body will allow him. He also has next to no tolerance for disloyalty or insubordination, and is known for making examples out of those who display such qualities. Outside of doing missions or training scenarios, Kroll is rarely seen outside of or leaving his office, and it is rumored amongst the other Guards that he never leaves Headquarters, and actually lives and sleeps in his office. That is if he even sleeps at all. Aside from work related topics, Kroll keeps to himself for the most part, and maintains a relatively placid demeanor, his temper only getting the best of him on rare occasions.

-History: Kroll spent his childhood in a Aquillian labor camp, located in one of the many obsidian pits that dotted the Hephaestian Range. Whether or not he was the offspring of an inmate, or an unwanted child born out of wedlock is unknown. Nonetheless, the overseers of the labor camp took advantage of his size as a fledgling, using him to crawl into the tight and narrow spaces of ore smelting kilns to repair them, as well as do maintenance of more intricate machinery. As such, he was given his Job Identification Serial: Kiln Repairer 011, or KR: 011 for short. Due to a document typo, this was often misread as “Kroll”, which was what he would end up taking on as his name, believing it to be so.  Throughout his time in the camps, Kroll was subjected to horrendous working conditions and narrowly evaded death in a tunnel collapse, having to use the upper half of a fellow inmate’s skull to dig his way back out. Once he became an adult, Kroll joined the Griffon Army as soon as he possibly could to push his previous life far behind him and out of his memory, feeling that he had escaped from Tartarus itself. 

He initially served as an interrogator in the army, using egregiously violent and creative methods to extract even the most menial pieces of information from captives placed under his custody. After a particularly brutal session, however, Kroll’s superiors decided that he needed some fresh air, re-assigning him a position in a light-infantry battalion a few years before the invasion of Equestria took place. Kroll found his new job as a soldier liberating, as he was now allowed to kill targets instead of leaving them close to death as he did as an interrogator. As the war dragged on, he later transferred to a dragoon detachment of a special activities division, where he steadily gained a reputation for being consistent and effective in his performance during assignments. During this time Kroll also developed a talent for repairing and even fabricating weapons, due to the heavy use, (and consequent breaking) of his own.

After the war and subsequent occupation, of Equestria, Kroll was re-assigned to training the Guerillas’ newest admissions. When he received word that two recruits under his watch sexually assaulted a laborer, Kroll got the whole platoon out of their bunks to witness the proceedings, forcing them to stand close enough so see the looks on the faces of the tercels as he delivered two jagged slashes to each of their throats. After that, the troops excelled in discipline. Nonetheless, Kroll was transferred to a posting in Manehattan shortly thereafter this incident. During his time at his new post, however, Kroll discovered that his station chief was selling important information to suspected members of the rebels. Kroll took the initiative, and the chief was found hanging from the flagpole the following day. The death was declared suicide, and Kroll was politely asked to leave, not being permitted to be within forty feet of Griffon Headquarters. For the last few years, Kroll has wound up living on the streets, taking odd jobs as they came his way. It was a miserable existence, but he was able to survive, even if it was by the skin of his beak.

After a while, Kroll began to pursue an alternate means of being hired into the Manehattan Guard, and after a nefarious scheme resulted in the ousting of the prior Captain, he was reinstated as the new Captain of the Guard due to circumstances that have been omitted from the record due to actions on behalf of the OGI. 

-Artifact Inventory

Pangolin Armor:
-Name: Pangolin Armor
-Availability: One of a Kind 
-Purpose: Modular vest that provides excellent torso and neck protection against attacks from blades and bolts. Also has a few pouches to hold medical supplies, extra bolts, and other miscellaneous items. Licorice too. 
-Acquisition: Kroll makes most of his own gear. His armor is no exception. 
-Function: The Pangolin's protective abilities come from specially-made plates that can be inserted into the vest's slots. Each plate is made of clay mixed with powdered metal, granting it the ability to stop a variety of physical attacks. Over time, however, the plates can be broken, and will need to be replaced afterwards. Heavier metal plates may also be inserted at the cost of slower movement in exchange for greater protection. 
-Appearance: Hard leather vest with multiple pouches and slots.

-Availability: One of a Kind
-Purpose: This borderline firearm provides offensive capabilities ideally for medium to long ranges, although its carbine configuration allows it to be used in close quarters as well with certain munition types.
-Acquisition: The weapon itself was built by Kroll from the body of a salvaged rifle, and the explosive propellant for the cartridges is derived from glycerin soap.
-Cartridge Types: There are three different munition rod types that this improvised rifle can use, each with a specific role: ranged, close quarters, and deterrent.
                -Bolt: this munition rod houses a single fin-stabilized arrow with a barbed tip. Ideal for medium and long-range engagements.
                -Briar: this munition rod is filled with rusted chunks of barbed and razor wire, ideal for close quarters engagements.
                -Razor Wind: this munition rod is packed with finely powdered glass, ideal for disorienting enemy combatants at a medium or close range.

Bolt Driver:
-Name: Bolt Driver. 
-Availability: Unique
-Purpose: This semi-automatic, carbine-style crossbow serves as Kroll's go-to weapon for offensive and defensive skirmishes at medium to close range.
-Acquisition: Built by Kroll after his issued crossbow broke, and the armory refused to give him another one.

-Function: Charging lever draws back bowstring and makes the next bolt slide into place. Built-in side magazine has a holding capacity of seven bolts, and must manually reloaded, bolt by bolt. After the magazine is reloaded, the charging lever needs to be cranked seven times to wind up internal gears before firing again. Comes equipped with a bayonet lug and rail for an spyglass-like optic. Can be easily disassembled for maintenance purposes, and the internals can be replaced by variants padded with rubber to quiet sounds the mechanism makes for stealthier kills. This makes the crossbow fire at a much slower rate, however. It should also be noted that the crossbow can be reloaded before the magazine is empty, but must be cranked in accordance to how many bolts were just put in.

-Name: Khopesh
-Availability: Uncommon
-Purpose: A khopesh-style machete that's compact size makes it an ideal fallback weapon for the soldier who wants to bring a bit of an Eastern flair to their arsenal.

-Acquisition:  Purchased by Kroll at a weapons market in the Griffon Kingdoms before the war.
-Function: The hooked blade of this weapon allows it to be used to grab ahold of the shield or sword of an opponent and wrench it out of its grasp.

-(Approximate) Appearance: 

Phoenix Egg:
-Name: Phoenix Egg
-Availiability: Rare
-Purpose: An egg that’s been hollowed out and filled with glass and chili powder. A non-lethal approach for disorienting an attacker.
-Acquisition: Made by Kroll by the dozen on a monthly basis. Where he gets the eggs, however, is a mystery.
-Function: When thrown, the egg shatters on impact, dispersing the cloud of glass and chili powder onto the would-be attacker

-Appearance: A plain chicken egg with a hole drilled into the top that’s covered over with tape.

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An Offer You Can't Refuse [CLOSED] Dec. 3, Morning

Kicking the Hornet's Nest [OPEN] Dec. 3, Night

A Supply Run Gone Wrong [OPEN] Dec. 17, Late Evening

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Re: Kroll [Griffon]

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