Kroll [Griffon]

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Kroll [Griffon]

Post by Kroll on Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:59 am

Name: Kroll
Species: Griffon
Age: 47
Occupation: Mercenary, but prefers the term "Private Contractor"
Virtue: Loyalty
Special Talent: Weapon Improvisation: Ever since his reassignment as a soldier during the invasion, Kroll has developed a talent for repairing weapons, and even fabricating ones of his own design, due to the heavy use, (and consequent breaking) of the weapons that were originally given to him.

Minor Talents: Interrogation, Crossbow Proficiency, Military Training and Tactics, Disguising/Camouflage.
Affiliation: “Neutral”

Height: 5’7”
Plummage Color: Mottled Gray
Tail Color: Mottled Gray
Eye Color: Opaque Amber
Cutie/Glyph: N/A


Personality: Kroll has an unyielding respect for authority, obeying the commands of superiors to the best that his body will allow him. He also has next to no tolerance for disloyalty or insubordination, and is known for making examples out of those who display such qualities. Despite his role as a private contractor, Kroll remains loyal to the Griffon Kingdom, and is highly inclined to accept any jobs given to him by the Guerilla, (or any griffons, for that matter) quietly hoping that they’ll one day allow him to come back. Though capable of working alone, Kroll prefers to work in small teams, feeling that working with others helps strengthen and improves personal traits and abilities.

Despite thoroughly enjoying every time he gets hired to do a job, Kroll will often pretend that his schedule is close-to-full, and that he can barely squeeze his client in. It’s not entirely clear why he does this. Kroll also has a strong penchant for sweets, especially red licorice, and as a result almost always has a pack of it on him.

History: Kroll initially served in the Griffon Kingdom’s army as an interrogator, using egregiously violent methods to extract even the most menial pieces of information from captives placed under his control. After a particularly brutal session, Kroll’s superiors decided that he needed some fresh air, re-assigning him a position as a soldier, just months before the invasion took place. Kroll found his new job as a soldier liberating, as he was now allowed to kill targets instead of leaving them close to death. During his time as a Ranger, Kroll gained a reputation for being consistent and effective in his performance during assignments.

After the war and subsequent occupation, Kroll was re-assigned to training the Guerillas’ admissions. When two recruits under his watch sexually assaulted a labor camp worker, Kroll got the whole troop out of their bunks to witness the proceedings, forcing them to stand close enough so see the looks on recruits’ faces. Two jagged slashes to the throat each. The troop excelled in discipline after that. Nonetheless, Kroll was transferred to a posting in Manehattan shortly thereafter. During his posting, however, Kroll discovered that his station chief was preparing to defect to the Rebellion. Kroll took the initiative, and the chief was found floating in the sewers the following day. The police settled for suicide, and Kroll was politely asked to leave. Kroll has now taken up a job as a private contractor, often taking up jobs involving security, demolition, or personal protection. Though rare, assassinations are not out of the question either.


Sinful Consequences [CLOSED] Nov. 5, Afternoon

While the Iron's Hot [CLOSED] Nov. 5 Night

The Death of an Assistant [CLOSED] Nov. 11, Night

...of Ponies and Griffons [OPEN] Nov. 12, Evening

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A Look Into the Void[CLOSED] Nov. 14, Afternoon

Second Wind [ClOSED] Nov. 15, Early Morning

An Unexpected Visitor [OPEN] Nov. 28, Early Evening

Graveyard Shift [OPEN] Nov. 31, Night

An Offer You Can't Refuse [OPEN] Dec. 3, Morning

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Re: Kroll [Griffon]

Post by Tracker Jack on Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:27 am

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