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Mercy Heart [Unicorn]

Post by Mercy Heart on Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:00 pm

Name: Mercy Heart
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Clinical Doctor and Therapist
Virtue: Empathy
Special Talent: Empathetic Link: The ability to connect with others using her magic. She can feel what others feel and if given enough time around a pony, will attain the same mindset as that pony. Some of it is under her control, but mostly it controls her.
Minor Talents: Great intuitive nature, able to learn very quickly, able to figure out when something is not right and fix it, magic.

Height: 4'3"
Coat Color: Magenta
Mane/Tail Color: Aquamarine
Eye color: Aquamarine
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Celtic symbol meaning union or trinity


Personality: Mercy is naturally kind, caring, and generous to anypony who needs her help. Without hesitation she will do whatever is in her power to help cure, fix, or heal any wound, be it physical or emotional. Her magic is based all around connecting with others, being able to share emotions, mindsets, even events of another pony’s life. Mostly she uses it to help heal those who cannot heal on their own. Her intuitive nature and ability to comprehend almost anything enable her to quickly identify problems in others and find ways to fix them.

Despite her best efforts, Mercy is still unable to fully control her magic. Sometimes she will feel everything from everypony around her at once. This can be overwhelming, and she has passed out on several occasions. Because of this, she is kind of a recluse and spends most of her time in the clinic she runs, not allowing more than one patient and her assistant in at a time.

The current times have also taken its toll on her spirit. She is constantly tired, and can sometimes be pessimistic, impersonal, or downright mean. This isn't how she naturally is, and she does her best to put on her best face for those whom she helps.

History: Mercy was born in Canterlot. Her dad was a prestigious doctor, scientist, and inventor, and the nicest, most caring pony she had ever known. She doesn't remember that much about her childhood, only bits of her dad working on some theory, her mom taking her to the park, or the whole family enjoying a nice quiet dinner. What she does remember is emotions, the joy of her dad felt when she could levitate a book, the peace of her mother when they lied on the grass, the love her father and mother shared. This was all before the invasion and the war. When it finally happened, her dad immediately left to help the war effort as a consultant and physician. A few hard years passed, then they got the message, her father was killed in a griffon raid. Mercy remembers this event clearly, her mother opening the door to two guards, one of them a family friend, and after a few words collapsing on the ground. The two guards stood there, unable to console, not knowing how to. It was in this instant that she could feel the grief of her mother, the impotence of the guards, and the emptiness inside of her. She did not feel anything herself, only what her mother felt.

A short time after, she and her mother moved from Canterlot to Manehatten. Their family friend told them that it was the safest chance, and that the Equestrian forces were probably going to fail. Once in Manehatten her mother became an emotional wreck, seeking anyway to escape from her overwhelming pain. Mercy could not stand to be near her, and for the most part was left on her own. Lucky for her, she took her father’s library and began teaching herself everything she could, from math to history to medicine to astronomy she did not stop until she understood everything her father did. Years passed and the war ended, even so Mercy would rarely leave her room. The overwhelming emotions of everyone outside was too much, and she didn’t know how to turn it off. When she did leave, her mom’s new stallion, and it was always a new stallion, would usually yell at her and sometimes hit her.

It was one year after the war ended, Mercy was getting ready to head off and start her own life, when the “new stallion” was especially evil. When she came down the stairs, she saw her mom lying on the floor, her face swelling in a pool of blood. All Mercy could do was watch as the stallion raided anything of value from the living area. He finally noticed Mercy, petrified on the stairs. He smiled and winked, then left the house. He was the only one she could never get a read on. After a few moments, Mercy retrieved her nerves back and went to her mother, but her mother would not look at her. The feeling was shame, but not at herself, at Mercy. Sickened to her stomach, she left.

It took a few years, but eventually she fixed up an old garage as a clinic and home. She focused on controlling her magic and can now stand to be in the same room with more than one pony. She doesn't charge anything since her magic and knowledge do all the healing. Many ponies, and other species, know of her clinic and come to be healed, especially the rebels. Because of the times and her clinic, she mostly feels pain, sorrow, sickness, anger, regret, things like that, and it has made her tired. She wants to help, but she doesn't know how much longer she can hold out. She often wonders, who will heal her.

Mercy Heart's timeline and cannon appearances:

Oct 5, Morning:Another day at the Clinic
Oct 5, Afternoon: Building a Future
Oct 16, Daytime: At the Smith
Oct 22, Afternoon: Open for Business : Whenever Meg says this happened.
Oct 30, Noontime: Visiting Hours at St Mercy's : Whenever Zwei says this happend.
Nov 1, Afternoon: A world with No Mercy- A Town with No Pitty: Takes place after Visiting Hours.
Nov 4 - 5, Morning - Noontime: Beginnings, Endings, and the Threads that Never Die
Nov 5, Evening: Worry, Insanity, and Hope
Nov 5 - 8, Night - Afternoon: Painful Recovery
Nov 6, Evening: Heart and Mind: A day after Worry, Insanity, and Hope; in the middle of Painful Recovery.
Nov 8, Late Morning: Making Preparations

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