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Suture [Unicorn]

Post by Hark on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:04 am

Name: Suture
Species: Unicorn Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Occupation: Textile Worker, Part-Time Medical Practitioner.  
Virtue/Vice: Passion. Passion can be defined as "a strong desire or fondness for anything". Such a desire is often evoked as positive, as said strong desire or fondness will often cause one to perform better at a task, or enjoy it more. However, passion is a borderline vice- once a desire becomes too strong, it may become an obsession.
Alignment: Undecided
Special Talent: Medicine. Suture is especially skilled in the medical arts, and can perform a wide range of medical procedures falling under the category of minor surgery and emergency medicine. She possesses a vocabulary of spells which reflects this.
Minor Talents: Knife Fighting.

Height: 4'1"
Coat Color: Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A diagonal, solid red stripe with black suturing interlacing it.
Personality: Suture is rather interesting. She enjoys few things in her life. The few things she does enjoy, however, she enjoys with an intense passion.  The primary concern for Suture in today's world is survival, and she takes the proper lengths to preserve her life and lifestyle. This includes taking lengths to preserve herself rather than others, if necessary.

Over the four years of griffon oppression Suture has experienced, she has not once been openly anti-griffon. However, she does not enjoy the constant assault on her kind, but accepts it as something she cannot influence. However, her opinion is easily swayed. If she can be given a good reason that she can influence something, she will attempt to influence it. However, without said reason, she will remain neutral on a point.

Suture is usually passive when confronted by a force stronger than herself, or when in the presence of griffons, out of fear, and fear/paranoia respectively.

History: Suture was born and raised in Manehatten. When she was fourteen, she received her Cutie Mark after deciding to study medicine. For three years before the Griffon Total-Control bit, she studied medicine at a university in Fillidelphia.

During her time in Fillidelphia, Suture found herself exploring the underworld culture of the place, out of curiosity. There, among the druggies, party-goers, and borderline criminals, she picked up a few skills. One of these skills is short-bladed weapon fighting (E.G., knife fighting), which she promptly picked up after observing small-time skirmishes. Although she did not participate in the goings of the underworld, she did observe it.

Suture was in Fillidelphia when the griffon armies took total control, and she witnessed their armies march straight into town, rank and file, and claim the town as their own. The police forces and military, by this time, had been beaten into submission, and she barely managed to escape from the city with her hide intact. She traveled toward her hometown from there.

Arriving in Manehatten some weeks later, Suture used what funds she had remaining to purchase meager housing in the Eastern Residential District. From there, she found employment in a textile mill, which is her only way of receiving income, excluding any time she charges someone for medical treatment.

Character Timeline

Funny Little Feelin'
Mandatory City Meeting Oct. 29, Year 4
Another Day At The Smith Oct. 30, Year 4
Hiding Among the Hidden Oct. 30, Year 4
Worry, Insanity, and Hope Nov. 5, Year 4
Painful Recovery Nov. 8, Year 4
Painful Truths Nov. 17, Year 4
Failures of Magnitude Nov. 20, Year 4
Fallen From Grace No Date.
[url=]A Savior Returns to the Saved[/url] Dec. 5, Year 4
[url=]Old Friends, New Friends[/url] Dec. 10, Year 4

==Author's Comments==
Uh, yeah, hi. To me, this will never be complete and I'll continue to go back and change it constantly, but for now, consider it complete.

I'd really love some criticism on this particular character. If you want some clarification, feel free to post a reply. In the spirit of promptness, I'll get back to you as fast as I can.

Edit: Events now historically correct.
Edit(2): More history added.
Edit(3): Alignment and as-per-situational personality added.
Edit(4): History added. Some threads are disregarded in list due to the fact that my character didn't really participate in them.

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