Hark [Unicorn]

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Hark [Unicorn]

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:16 am

Name: Cyan Harkness "Hark" Burst
Species: Unicorn Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Occupation: Ex-Highmagus
Virtue/Vice: Wrath
Special Talent: Frost Magic
Minor Talents: Swords, crossbows, misc. combat magic.
Alignment: Anti-Griffon, though not aligned with any faction.

Height: 4’4”
Coat Color: Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Blue/Orange
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A frostflame

Personality: Hark is a very headstrong, socially inept, and combat-oriented pony. She enjoys, of all things, beating the living hell out of griffons. Why? It gives her a rush, and she wants revenge. That being said, Hark often demonstrates extreme brutality toward anyone she has incapacitated in a fight, often beating them with her hooves until she is satisfied or the opposing party is dead. She is also incredibly prideful.

Whenever she isn’t fighting, and when she can think, her other side comes out: intelligence and anxiety. Said anxiety stems from her thinking about the consequences of her actions that she could not fully realize whilst fighting. Though still socially inept, Hark can be rageful one moment, and intelligent the next. Hark can sometimes be calm, though. While easily angered, she is a pleasant pony with an affinity for magic when not.

History: Hark was born to a family in Fillydelphia. Simply put, she excelled in her classes and often got in fights. During these fights, she often exhibited the use of cold-based magic. The first time this occurred, when she was 10, her cutiemark appeared. Upon turning 18, she enlisted in the military to combat the Griffon invasion.

Immediately, Hark was deployed to Stalliongrad. As an Elementalist, she was often attached to other units, sent out solo, or in a unit with other elementalists. As an enlisted combat mage, Hark surpassed most of her peers in skill and viciousness, prowess and drive. She was awarded several medals, and rose to the rank of Highmagus, a very high rank. After Stalliongrad was lost after a year of hard combat, Hark took to the other remaining fronts.

When the war was declared lost, Hark was pissed. This resulted in her desertion of the army, and then soon after a killing spree on any griffon she could take. She got roughed up, a lot, and was placed in a labor camp for two years. However, she managed to escape, acquiring some more possessions on the way out. Now, she resides in Manehatten, a wanted criminal, armed and ready for combat.

Doublecrosses, Triplecrosses, and Monetary Losses
While the Iron's Hot! Nov. 5, Year 4
Battle Scars Nov. 5 (9:45 P.M.), Year 4
A Warrior's Call Nov. 13, Year 4
Seeking Students (and a teacher) Nov. 14, Year 4

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Re: Hark [Unicorn]

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