Graceful Whisper [Hippogriff][Complete]

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Graceful Whisper [Hippogriff][Complete]

Post by Graceful Whisper on Fri May 10, 2013 7:32 am

Name: Graceful Whisper, but she prefers to be called 'Grace' for short.
Species: Hippogriff, more on the pony side.
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Thief
Virtue/Vice: Loyalty / Curiosity
Special Talent: Unfortunately due to her being a half breed she hasn't really got a special talent. She's very good at getting into places she shouldn't, sneaking or staying out of sight and out of mind.
Minor Talents: Singing and music in general.
Alignment: Neutral at this moment in time.

Height: 4' the normal size of a pony mare.
Coat Color: White/Green
Mane/Tail Color: Black/Green
Eye color: Lime Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A pair of headphones.



Grace is a hard character to understand. Those who try to get close to her will usually be met with witty banter which she uses as walls to deflect people from getting close to her. She's usually quite bubbly and optimistic, seeing no challenge to great or too small for her to tackle. Though some view this as naive, she sees it as simply being positive. In her demeanour one could almost mistake her nature as 'care free' although underneath her walls and her mask is a Hippogriff whose more level headed and aware of what's going on around them. Maybe even lonely, though she would never admit to it.

To say she has a temper is an overstatement. She rarely is ever seen to get angry about something and if she does she is more likely to get up and walk away then stay through a confrontation. She has no real feelings towards either side in the current occupation of Equestria, but if someone comments negatively on what she is a more 'nasty' side of her is revealed, usually in the form of a verbal lash out or even a physical attack. She adores a certain type of purple berry and to her embarrassment they have an effect on her which makes her all dopey and lovey, almost as though it were a special catnip made for her. She enjoys the little things in life and appreciates what she has, never taking anything for granted.


Grace was quite simply, an orphan, but not in the usual way one would think. She was never apart of an orphanage or some kind of school which could look after her. She was raised on the streets, scavenging for most of her foalhood. She would get so desperate sometimes that she would rummage through trash just to find food or sustenance to keep her going. Blankets were always a blessing. She never really learned how she came to be on the streets but she keeps a vague memory of the night where it all happened. Large black wings being a dominant image in her mind whenever she tries to think back to all those years ago.

Being in the streets is what helped shape the pony she is today. For you see Grace is a thief, and a pretty good one too. When she was a foal she learned quickly that stealing was a vital necessity to her survival and through the years she taught herself many tricks, even learning some from other thieves met along the way. Occasionally some pony or Gryphon might ask her to steal something for them, offering her bits or valuables she can use to keep going. One thing someone should note about this mare, if you can call her that. And that is that she has no home. She much prefers to sleep under the stars and wonder from place to place. Besides she knows how some see her kind and staying in one place for too long could mean being in shackles for the rest of her life, or worse.

Something else one might note about this mare is that she always will be wearing her green neck scarf. No one really knows why she wears it but it seems to hold some kind of sentimental value to her. Without it she just feels uncomfortable and wrong. In truth though, it was the only thing that's been with her since she can remember. She's convinced it's from her parents, the last of anything they could give her before they disappeared. She would never admit it but she liked to believe that wearing it brings her a degree of luck.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:

She's very quick on her hooves and in the air, making her quite a hard target to hit. That being said she isn't very strong, so she's had to rely on speed to get her out of sticky situations. She's pretty good with words too, sometimes being able to talk her way out of trouble, though being what she is allot of the time it doesn't work.

Personal Timeline: N/A
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Re: Graceful Whisper [Hippogriff][Complete]

Post by Tisis Antony on Fri May 10, 2013 1:48 pm

Well let me begin by saying hello, and welcome to GK. I hope you find your stay to be bearable in some increment ^^. This CS is superb, and complete. There seems to be no issue that warrants scrutiny, as the character is well thought out.

Using my authority as moderator and Staff Secretary, I hereby accept this character for roleplay in Griffon Kingdom's canon.

A friendly tip, it might aid you to a degree, in terms of getting involved in threads, to at least start with some form of goal or imperative for your character that strongly suggest a course of action. Something that would at least, in the beginning, help you from aimlessly meandering from thread to thread. I've noticed it helps people to have something like that in mind.
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