Orphelia [DD][complete]

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Orphelia [DD][complete]

Post by Theera on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:20 pm

Name: Orphelia
Species: Diamond Dog
Gender: female
Age: 25
Occupation: Musician
Special Talent: Music
Minor Talent: axe-fighting
Alignment: neutral
Height: 5’6”
Coat Colour: Black and Red.
Eye colour:  dark orange

Picture: (will add it later, when i know which appearence is allowed)


Orphelia is what most people call metal head. She likes hard music and also plays it.
She likes dark clothes, even if they are not needed in this society. She likes leather and spikes and all that stuff that looks metal. She often drinks beer or other alcoholic drinks.

Even most ponies, diamond dogs or other species are scared through her outfit she’s a really nice person. She treats others like she wants to get treated. If someone is nice she’s nice too. If somebody pisses her off, she mostly makes them regret this fast. She doesn’t really like the griffons, but as long as they don’t bother her, she doesn’t have a problem with them.


Orphelia was born in one of the big diamond dog clans in one of their big underground cities. Her father was a miner/tunnel builder and her mother was at home to care for the kids. Orphelia began early to find her interests in music. She tested every music genre, but metal was her favourite. As a teen she started to learn playing guitar. She was pretty good at it and had fun in contrast, her grades were bad and school was something she cared least for. She left school before she got any graduation.
Her parents disliked it, but couldn’t do anything about, since it seemed there was no way to motivate her for school.

She left home and started a Band with some friends. The got not much popular since it seemed there weren’t much metal heads around. But they still continued. Often their money wasn’t enough to buy food and they had no place to live. Soon Orphelia left the band and walked more on the surface. There she met a pretty cool Unicorn. He was also a metal head and totally loved her music. He worked at a Laboratory which was working on transferring unicorn magic to gems and other objects. They lived together for a long time. He was the one who built her special guitar. He said someday it maybe will be very useful. Maybe he knew the griffon attack would come… When the war began he had no time for her anymore as the laboratories had to invent weapons to defeat the griffons.

She never heard anything of him till then and decided to walks along. During the war started to learn how to fight. She got an axe she found on the battlefield. She was heavy, but also very neat. The axe had flames as decorations, which Orphelia liked much, since it was pretty metal. She never head to raise her axe against anyone, but she trained often, just for the case she had to use it. After war she travelled through the land to earn some bits with her music.

Special abilities:

Using her Guitar for combat, by playing special solos:

-Lightning Bolt riff: A small riff that generates a small lighting Bolt which shoots to enemies in front of the guitarist. It has only a small range.

-Blast riff: a small riff that pushes near enemies back.

-Shield Solo: A small round shaped energy field in front of the guitarist which provides shield to dodge physical and magical attacks while the solo is played. If the shield gets hit it looses power and it will get destroyed after a specific amount of damage.

-Healing Solo: very difficult solo which heals small wounds and injuries. If it’s used for bigger injuries, it’s pretty exhausting for the guitarist and he transfers energy of himself, making him weak.

Every riff and solo consumes energy which can be generated by playing the guitar without any spell. This charging is pretty slow and the energy capacity is limited. Also highly trained unicorns can charge the guitar with a amount of much energy (pretty exhausting).

Also she has a pretty cool axe

Character Timeline:

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Re: Orphelia [DD][complete]

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:25 pm

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