Night Wing (Hippogriff) (Finished)

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Night Wing (Hippogriff) (Finished)

Post by DemiDioce on Mon May 27, 2013 10:49 pm

Name: Night Wing (But is preferably known as Night)
Species: Hippogriff
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Occupation: Assassin / Insurgent
Virtue/Vice: Precise / Drugs
Special Talent: As he is a mix of two races he doesn’t have a normal cutiemark but he does have a incredibly sharp eye for detail. Whether that be the target with a longbow arrow perfectly shot into their temple and out the back of the skull, or which of the small pieces of metal scattered around the ground would make the best parts for an arrow head. Minor Talents: Mixing cocktails for drugs that will keep him focused on his next mission. He also is really good at ‘duct tape medicine’(patching up wounds and major injuries with the simplest of tools but with the same results as a professional).
Alignment: Informal Associate to all who need it and Insurgent in the griffon army.

Height: 6’
Coat Color: Brownish red with dark gray markings and black skin.
Mane/Tail Color: Black/Red
Eye color: Red
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Doesn’t have one.


Night Wings first impression will come out depending on one of three things; If you’re his target, if you need his help medically or need to be helped out of a deadly situation, or if you just happen to meet on the street and you’ve never met.

To those who Night Wing hunts, he is emotionless and cold. He only sees them as the target that must die so others can live on, even if that’s only for a few days more. When Night is hunting for his target he is completely focused on one thing; taking them down with no other deaths. But the drug cocktail he took as he started his search will make him seem a bit on the manic side in his focus to the things around him but his body language will show nothing but a iron robotic stance with no emotion. To say the least; it’s quite disturbing to those who come across him.

But the polar opposite can be said to those who Night Wing has saved from attackers or are in need of medical assistance as he’s completely selfless and will do what ever it takes to keep them safe and healthy if they allow him to. When he’s performing his medical practices on his patients he’s taking care of, as he is completely friendly and caring to their needs. Even if they only have hours to live Night Wing will do all he can to make the trip out easier and as painless as possible.

Now if you were to just meet him randomly on the street with neither of the other two triggers present, Night Wing will be friendly, but on edge. He always is respectful to who he’s talking to even if they are making an ass out of themselves or being down right rude. But he will leave you in the dirt later if you had gone to far at him

Night Wing was a child that was wanted by his mother who was a griffon and his father a pegasus. They all lived as a normal family until the griffons invaded and tore their family apart. His father died in the fighting. Soon after that his mother gave him her silver seashell necklace vanished. When the griffons took over the city he was quickly thrown out onto the streets in the dead of night. He had been picked up by a pegasus who was a master archer by the name of Black Arrow who used to be a captain during the war. Night Wing was raised by him and was taught the very essence of archery which he excelled
in incredibly fast.

The place of where he was being raised was in the East Residential District in a building that was heavily fortified with all the windows blocked up. Black Arrow said this used to be a guard station but it got cleared out during the war and so he made it his home. The only entrance to the place is the front door that is just down some steps under the street level. Besides that, its four stories tall and another three underground where there’s an entrance to the subway that let off at this hospital hidden around in plain sight in the third basement.

Night Wing learned that because he was part griffon he could either be hated by both sides, or play his part in helping one side while looking good to the other. This turned out to him having very strong ties to the rebellion from his master who he helped out by providing medical assistance to those who needed it along with protection to needed to disappear underground. This continued for a long time until the griffons heard about a doctor that would help anypony he could with little to no resources and they would still turn out fine in the end. A few griffon mercenaries went inside to check if these rumors were true and saw first hand his experience on sowing ponies back together. They gave him the choice to work for the Griffon Army and keep his hospital or die with all his patients. Night Wing chose to join the griffons side. He now has ties to getting food, water, and medical supplies so long as he continues to pay his taxes and helps the wounded in the griffon army.

In the beginning keeping both of these ties however is something quite hard to keep up as one can imagine as both want you to go all the way with them. The rebels always ask for the death of the high ranking officers in the griffon military in his care while the griffons always want to perform a checkup on their solders and ask that he gather information from his pony patients on where the rebellion is and what they are planning.

Now however, Night Wing plays both sides with near perfection as he hunts those after dark who he’s been given the money to take out by the rebels but also poses as a combat medic for the griffon army in order to gather information to hand over to Black Arrow who then gives the information to the rebels.

Of course since he’s posed as enforcer and combat medic for the griffon army, if any of his true intentions were found out he would be killed on the spot. And he accepts his fate if it gets to that but he wont go down without a fight.

His only true alliance is with his master Captain Black Arrow. He will follow any orders from him near blindly, with little to think afterwards.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Night Wing can mix up any kind of drug cocktail that will keep you alert while making you stronger, faster (and rarely) smarter for a few hours until the relapse kicks in and you find your self with something nasty for the rest of your day.

He also is a master archer thanks to Black Arrow and when that’s mixed with his concoction he is 9/10 times going to hit his target.

Finally Night Wing is skilled in interrogation thanks to the training the griffon army put him through and he tends to use his medical knowledge when it’s a griffon he has the pleasure of gathering information from but he never uses this knowledge on ponies.

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Re: Night Wing (Hippogriff) (Finished)

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:52 am

Sorry the character is a bit....sue-ish. To fix somethings:
1) You assume you know what the rebellion wants. You assume they want high ranking officials killed. But seeing as the rebellion is fairly new, this wouldn't be requested or even contemplated at the current situation.
2) You assume that the griffons would let you live if they knew you were in cahoots with the rebellion. Which is also far from the truth. You'd most likely be tortured if they knew. They have plenty of doctors.
3) Playing both sides is practically impossible, unless your neutral. But. you make it sound as if both sides know about you and try to use you. And you obey to some degree.
4) Abilities are a bit powerful. Think of some debuffs for this character.

Fix those things up and I'll revisit the app and see if it's Vetter or not. ^^
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