Leo Flameheart [Hippogriff]

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Leo Flameheart [Hippogriff]

Post by Leo on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:49 pm

Name: Leo Flameheart
Species: Hippogriff
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Occupation: Mercenary, Contract Killer.
Virtue/Vice: Loyalty
Special Talent:

Getting things done. No matter what he puts his mind too he always delivers with results. He puts dedication and a hundred percent into everything he does, making him some what of a favorite when contractors need something complicated taken care of.

Minor Talents:

He is martially trained, preferring paw strikes and using his body as a weapon, rather then using weapons like swords and spears, that's not to say he doesn't know how to use them however, he just prefers not to.

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5'5'
Mane/Tail Color: Bronze brown
Eye color: Yellow
Cutie/Glyph Mark: None.


Personality: Leo is a complicated creature to understand and few really know him well enough to be able to truly understand him. He's mysterious in allot of ways and prefers to keep to himself unless spoken too directly. To those he considers friends he's gentle in nature, kind and even goes as far as to share jokes on occasion. But to those who don't know him, he's quiet and distant often making it hard for anyone to really be close to him. Sometimes he prefers it that way, as he considers himself dangerous to be around due to his obvious problem, being half Pony and half Gryphon, but every once in a while, he might let someone get close to him.

If Leo ever had the capacity for a temper, you would never know. No one has ever seen him angry and fewer still have dared to try. He can sometimes become snappy or short with someone, but that's also quite rare when speaking to him. There are a few subjects he wont bring up, and that is his origins and anything to do with his past, he chooses not to discuss it, for his own private reasons. Something else one should note about Leo, is his unyielding loyalty. If someone asks him to protect them, he will do so with everything in his power to keep them safe and if you are a friend, he will stay loyal to you until you break your loyalty to him.


Leo's past is some what shrouded in mystery. He once had a father, a powerful Gryphon called Nemphus and a mother, a Pony Pegasus called Ruby Heart. They fell in love before the war and when the war started the father Nemphus was drafted to go to war against Ponykind and of course, the kind who belonged to his love. Torn between the two, he abandoned the Gryphon armies and met with Ruby Heart, attempting to flee with her across the border and away from the fighting. But they didn't get far. The Gryphons learned of this, and stopped them, killing Nemphus and throwing his love Ruby Heart into prison where she would work as a slave in weather control.

However, what they didn't know, was that she was carrying a baby inside of her, Nemphus' baby. Months latter she gave birth to Leo, a Hippogriff and one of the few of his kind. For as long as she could she nursed him, keeping him away from the world as she raised him in private for fear that the Gryphons would see him as an abomination and kill him. Eventually Leo came of age and it was time for him to leave, not because he had to or because he wanted to. But he knew his mother would never be safe for as long as he stayed with her. He gave her one parting hug through the tears, before he fled. He never saw her again. Ever since he's been wondering the lands, learning the pasts of both kinds and the origins of how they began. He values history and believes understanding it is a way to avoid past mistakes. And he hopes that one day, the war will be forgotten and both kinds can once again live in peace.

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