Vic Crowe [Hippogriff] [WIP]

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Vic Crowe [Hippogriff] [WIP]

Post by Makovic on Mon May 27, 2013 3:52 pm

Name: Victor 'Vic' Crowe
Species: Hippogriff
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Scout/Scavenger
Virtue/Vice: Loyal
Special Talent: Skilled in the practices of stealth and infiltration, being a scout and all.
Minor Talents: Artist
Alignment: Rebels

5' 4''
Coat Color: Beige
Mane/Tail Color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Winged Dagger

Picture: [Inbound]

Personality: Vic is a generally cool pony to be around, and can often be found cracking jokes
around friends. With those newer to him, he'll often introduce himself and try to obtain a new comrade, as he hates to make enemies (who doesn't?). However, he may be a bit edgy around those he find suspicious in nature. He is quite patient with others, and it takes a lot to make him angry. Undyingly loyal, you can always count on him to come through for you, no matter the situation. He sports a chill, happy-go-lucky attitude most of the time, but when the going gets tough, so does he.

Problem is, with Vic, is that he tends to bottle up everything negative he absorbs, and plasters a happy looking face on the outside, to keep others from knowing about what lies within. He doesn't want others to worry about him, as he believes in this world no one has the time to do so, thinking it would only be a burden to himself and those close to him.

History: [Inbound]

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Vic's battle tactics are usually those that require the element of surprise. He excels in urban combat, where dilapidated building and other obstructions prove for great cover...

Personal Timeline: (Once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.

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