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Tayari [Zebra]

Post by Tayari on Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:12 pm

Name: Tayari
Species: Zebra
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Owner of a small alchemy store
Virtue: Forethought
Special Talent: Preparation
Minor Talents: Preparation of potions

Height: 3'10"
Coat Color: White with dark gray stripes
Mane/Tail Color: White with dark gray stripes
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: 
Not based on any real symbol. Represents 'Preparation'. Made on MS Paint, and very basic.


Personality: Usually, Tayari will be very focused and dedicated to his task. He believes strongly in preparing for a task as best you can, and this becomes obvious to those who spend enough time with him. While in a state of focus, he will often keep his own speech to a minimum. He can be conversational at other times, though.

At times where events are naturally unpredictable or unforeseen, such as direct combat scenarios, he will lose confidence, and think less clearly. This will not stop him from fighting back; it does, however, make it difficult for him to do so well.

Due to his preference for being as prepared as possible, he constantly wears a belt of potions: two of lethal poison, two of sleeping poison, and one temporary-healing (painkilling and accelerated blood clotting) potion. This is separate from and in addition to what he brings on specific tasks.

History: Growing up, Tayari was a disciplined and curious, if not very athletic or sociable foal. He was born on the 7th of April in a small village; in the process of his birth, his mother passed away, leaving only his father to bring him up. Though not a particularly sociable foal, he was rarely picked on after an incident involving harmless yet effective use of sleeping poison traps and a would-be antagonist; the incident simultaneously earned him significant caution from others who would otherwise risk falling for his traps, as well as making him the first in his class to earn his cutie mark.

He was, through much of his life, exposed to the concepts and art of alchemy by his father, and by a combination of parental tutoring in the art and later independent experiments with alchemy, he learned a great deal of the craft.

When war broke out between Equestria and the Griffon Kingdoms, Tayari’s father, who to a degree shared his son’s preparative tendencies, made a number of plans for various possible events and outcomes, and began to teach Tayari the secrets to some more dangerous or volatile recipes; all the spares from this set of teachings went towards the town’s militia to aid their defense. The frequent exposure to fumes of such a variety of poisons, as well as his age, led Tayari’s father to his death bed within a few short months, leaving Tayari to work on his own to study alchemy from recipes left behind and take up his father’s role in the village entirely.

When a group of griffon soldiers inevitably invaded the village, Tayari was studying a few recipes on his own. As soon as he became aware of the battle outside, he quickly and reasonably calmly took an already-prepared bag of supplies, and set his home ablaze with all written copies of the recipes and plans for the future still inside as arranged; not able to take them with him in case any future law enforcement might encounter and search him, but also unable to allow griffons to find and use them, leaving his own mind to be his sole container of the knowledge they’d kept as far as he could recall; which, unfortunately, was not a complete record.

Uncertain but not hopeful for the state of his former home, having left before the battle was done, Tayari began to wander Equestria. He used his certain knowledge of toxic and sleeping poisons to his advantage where necessary, avoiding conflict entirely where possible. He would stay as often as possible to forests to work alchemy with the plants he was most familiar with, seeking civilization to resupply, socialize, and hear news only when he was convinced of a town’s safety.

When he eventually learned of the Griffon’s victory of the war, as well as the lack of official laws aimed towards killing equines, he followed through on the long-since plan he’d set for this; heading towards the nearest large city, Manehattan, he settled down in one place for the first time in years, in a small alchemy store with which he could make a living, and secretly test alchemy more effectively than before. All the while, he hoped for the chance to evict the griffons from leadership of Equestria.

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