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Xarith [Zebra]

Post by °๖ۣۜXarith on Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:44 pm

Name: Xarith Treviant
Species: Zebra
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Traveling Merchant
Virtue: Diligence
Special Talent: Melee Combat, Alchemy
Minor Talents: Acrobatics, and Dirtboarding.

Height: 4' 5''
Coat Color: Off-White, Warm Grey Stripes.
Mane/Tail Color: White, Dark Grey
Eye color: Navy Blue, Cobalt
Cutie/Glyph Mark:


Xarith was always one with a sense of restlessness. It wasn't a sense of adventure of one for the road per say, but it was a sense that called him to action. Xarith is an all around friendly individual choosing to make more allies than time to himself. While his friendly attitude and outgoing personality is good for the business, he is conservative when it comes to the griffons. He tries to keep a level head most of the time and is quite well mannered in the presence of new ponies and people.

Not afraid to get things done by what ever means is one of Xarith's graces. Although his gets him into trouble most of the time, it has proved vital in equally as many situations. With this Xarith has a very strong sense of action which is accompanied by his quick thinking and judgment skills. Without these he would be missing more than a couple hairs of his head.

Within his own circle of friends, Xarith is known for his crazy and eccentric personality. Often seen with a slight spring in his step with his acquaintances close by. Always seen trying to lighten up the gloomy atmosphere he is surrounded by, Xarith always has something to say when it comes to just about everything. But due to his recent escapades, Xarith has been a bit distant lately. He is more reserved than usual. Deep inside his being he is just waiting to snap back to his old self.

Only thing keeping himself back right now is himself, and he realizes this.

Xarith has spent his life all over Equestria. From a young age he was taken far and wide. Born in Fillydelphia, Xarith never knew what it was like to really settle down. His parents were always on the move with the small mobile stand that they used to carry around their merchandise. From this young age Xarith watched and observed his parents work with the customers that came to their stand looking for a host of different things ranging from remedies to relics.

For a long time Xarith sat beside his parents as they worked fetching things when they asked of him whether it be from the back of the stand or across the river in the forests. He always found a way to get things done no matter what task was asked of him. While he wished his tasks were as easy as fetching a small something from the back, his parents made sure he went out into the world to experience it for himself.

He lead a quaint life as it was. He was good company to any of the new costumers or the ones that returned. Xarith though outgoing and friendly to everyone he met, did not have many friends to speak of. They only stayed in one place for a week or two before moving on. This didn't trouble the colt too much, but it still was something he longed for in life. Some friends to call his own. Ones that he could stick by, and ones to do the same.

Fast forward now.
Xarith has turned 9 and it is the eve of the War.

His family had been in Canterlot at the time preparing the stand for another routine visit to the capital city. Unfortunately things would not go quite as planned. Like something straight out of a cliché adventure story, the griffons attacked. They took the city by storm. With little time to react the three zebras abandoned their humble stand in wake of the griffons that followed closely.

They were almost out of the ravaged city when a group of griffons patrolling the edges of the city caught them off guard. Both of Xarith's parents took up a defensive stance to protect their only child. The griffons made the first move taking the zebras be surprise. They scooped the father up high into the air where he kicked his legs in the air in a fruitless attempt to break free.

Xarith screamed his father's name as his mother scooped him up and took him far away from the city. Xarith and his father kept their eyes locked for a long time. Before the griffons took him away, he slipped a small amulet from the long cloak that he wore onto the ground. The griffons, content with their catch, flew back into the city at high speeds intent with finding another pony to catch of guard.

Xarith seeing this broke free from his mother's grasp as he ran back to retrieve the amulet. It was the last he ever saw of his father.

Another 12 years past, 4 years since the loss of Equestria to the Griffon Kingdom. Xarith lay next to his mother on her deathbed in an old run down apartment on the edges of Manehattan. For years now he had been looking for a cure to the mysterious illness that plagued his mother. She had barely spoken all these years, and she had fallen ill after that one faithful day.

Xarith held his mother's hoof tightly as he felt a solitary tear roll down his cheeks. With the last amount of energy she could muster, the old mare held her hoof against her son's face. She then slipped a matching pennant onto the neck of Xarith to match the one that his father had left him so many years ago.

That day Xarith's mother died with him, in his own hooves. Her heart slowed slowly until it stopped. Some say that the disease had finally taken hold, but Xarith had known his mother had died of a broken heart.

Now Xarith watches over the small stand making sure to attend to all those who approach his abode. While his costumers enjoy his company, they can always tell you the cold atmosphere Xarith radiates from under his hard mask of composure. Xarith can be found at his stand before curfew tending to stick around the city unless he needs to retrieve something.

Feel free to stop by. Xarith is always looking for someone to talk to.

(Will check for grammar later. Need to jet soon.)

Xarith's Timeline and cannon appearances:

Oct 8, Afternoon: New Begginings
Oct 20, Midnight: Midnight Chase
Nov 2, Afternoon: Xarith's General Goods
Nov 4, Afternoon: Boxing like Clockwork
Nov 5, Late-Morning: Beginnings, Endings, and the Threads that Never Die
Nov 6, Afternoon: -=[::] Xarith's General Goods : Family Matters [::]=-
Nov 13, Afternoon: Scaving the Ruins

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