Tafuta [Zebra]

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Tafuta [Zebra]

Post by Tafuta on Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:11 am


Name- Tafuta
Species- Zebra
Gender- Male
Age- 24

Occupation- Wanderer
Virtue/Vice- Wrath
Special Talent- Defence
Alignment- Slightly rebel


(Larger Zebra on the right)

Height 4’6”
Cutie/Glyph Mark- Stylised shield



Tafuta always considers carefully before acting, but once his mind is set he is headstrong and resolute. He has seen what the Griffons can and will do to those weaker than them and is more than willing to crack a few heads together should the need arise. Tafuta dislikes the idea of killing and will always aim to wound or maim rather than murder his opponents. He will never kill a helpless opponent.

Tafuta is a steadfast and loyal freind and ally. He will never refuse to help, unless in special circumstances.

His driving motivation is to find his parents, and rejoin them on their journey. He believes that he can pick up their trail in manehattan from the local inns and other such places where they may have visited.

Tafuta was born to a wandering tribe in the Zebra heartlands, endlessly trekking across the deserts. His early life was harsh, having to trudge alongside his parents from the moment he could walk. Monsters, starvation and separation were constant dangers on the long sandy trails, making him strong and resourceful even at a young age.

He learned his purpose early in life, playing with the other foals of the tribe, far from the watchful eyes of their parents in the edge of a massive swamp. As the children played, something vile stalked them through the boggy ponds and creeks.

When the group of young Zebra was distracted by an over-large frog, the Hydra struck. An unlucky filly was grabbed by one of the monsters heads and was lifted screaming into the air. As the other foals fled Tafuta held his ground, something telling him to stand.

As the filly began to struggle loose of the Hydra’s jaw, Tafuta leaped at it, smashing his hooves into the skull of one of the monsters heads. The beast, enraged by the brazen attack of the young Zebra released the filly and attacked. Tafuta dodged and ducked, avoiding the snapping jaws of the Hydra as he fled, moments behind the filly.

They escaped and re-joined their fellows at the edge of the bog. The adults of the tribe, attracted by the commotion, scolded the foals for playing in such a dangerous place and thanked the gods that none had been lost.

It was then that Tafuta caught a glimpse of his flank, the image of a stylised shield adorning the previously blank fur. He was destined to be a warrior, a defender of his people. He was taken under the tutelage of the chieftain, an old warrior himself.

Years later, his parents departed for Equestria to aid the natives in their efforts to rebuild their homeland. Reluctantly, Tafuta stayed behind with the tribe to continue his training. As they departed, he swore to his mother and father that he would seek them out when he was ready.

Many years passed under the tutelage of the chieftain, and Tafuta became strong and brave as a warrior should be. Eventually, he felt that
he had learned all he could from the savannah. Bidding farewell to his teacher and his tribe, he bundled up his possessions and left for the one place he knew that his parents would visit. Manehattan.

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Re: Tafuta [Zebra]

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