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Atriark [Zebra]

Post by Atriark on Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:56 pm

Name: Atriark

Species: Zebra

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Occupation: Combat Medic for the Manehattan Rebels.

Virtue: Loyalty

Special Talent: Medicine

Minor Talents: Martial Arts, Potion Making

Height: 3'8"

Coat Color: Striped

Mane/Tail Color: Zebra Striped

Eye color: Left eye Hazel, Right Eye Blue

Cutie/Glyph Mark: Stands for shy but brave.


Personality: Atriark is a bit awkward in social situations. Especially if it's with somepony he likes. He can hardly go four words without stammering or blushing. Despite this, he is a good talker and, once gotten out of his shell, not all that awkward. He also dislikes his size being pointed out, but won't fly into a rage.

But when in combat or in the opperating room, there is no hesitation. He takes on a whole different attitude. He doesn't mind following others, unless they are incompetent. He'd sooner take lashings than let an incompetent rebel lead ponies to their deaths. One thing he hates most is a pony who won't take responsibility.

History: Atriark was born and raised in Equestria, more specifically, Canterlot. His father's Curios, Relics, and Potion Shop was making him good money even among the stuck up, high society ponies. As it turned out, the Canterlot rich would try just about anything for good fortune. Atriark's dad was willing to brew what he was asked. If he believed they wouldn't work, which was rare, he'd still brew them. Because, as Atriark was explained once, the potion's effectiveness was based on if the partaker believes it would work. Atriark was happy where he was. His father taught him at home, not wanting to subject his son to the harsh words of fillies and colts.

When the griffins started their assault, Atriark and his family fled the city, having the good grace to be near the gate at the time. Atriark spent the rest of his colthood in a small rural town not bothered by the gryphons but once a year. So, other than the locals keeping him and his family at arm's lenght, Atriark became a stallion without much hastle. Atriark also learned the intracies of medicine, of which he was quite good at. After preforming surgery, he got his glyphmark. He was 14.

As soon as Atriark was able, he packed up his bags, said his good-byes, and left for Manehattan. He had heard rumors of rebels in Manehattan and he was tired of doing nothing so he thought he'd join. Problem was, he had no clue how to find them. So, he thought he'd set up a clinic in Manehattan, see how many he could help. It was slow at first, but by Year 2, he was helping the ponies of Manehattan. And with it being Wartime, there were a lot sick.

One day, a small group of ponies rushed into his clinic. They were carrying a severly injured pony. Atriark rushed to examine the unicorn and found a deep stab wound and a broken shaft of an arrow in his thigh. He ordered the unicorn to the OR and began working to save his life. He spent many hours, working with only his assistant. But, he managed a sucessful surgery. He asked what had happened and was told that a few gryphons were assaulting their buddy and the group had came to his aid. Atriark smiled and gave the group instructions. The unicorn was not to be allowed out of his bed for three days and he could only have soft foods.

The next day Atriark had just finished doing a check up on a filly when he heard the door get kicked in. Rushing to the front to see what it was. In his waiting room were four gryphons.

"Where are they?" One clad in gold armor sneered.

"W...where are who...?" Was all Atriark could manage.

The same gryphon scoffed. "The rebels. You treated some lastnight."

Atriark was shocked...and he knew what was going to happen. In the gryphon's eyes, the runty zebra had commited a crime. And any crime meant death. "N-no no no... I just treat the sick and injured... No rebels..."

"Quit your sniviling. You are a rebel and a traitor. Take him away." The gold gryphon swong around and headed out, leaving the other three gryphons to encroach on him.

Atriark and his assistant were dragged out on the street and thrown to their faces. Atriark quickly got up and looked to his clinic. He was just in time to see a gryphon chuck a torch inside. He had no time to voice his protest as he was yet again thrown to his face. Grabbed by the scruff on the neck, Atriark was forced next to his assistant. The two exchanged sorrowful glances before Atriark saw a sword get driven through his friend's neck. Screaming in anguish, Atriark flew into a wild rage. He didn't remember what happened, only waking up indoors, bandaged and bruised but alive. He looked around and saw a zebra standing near. After getting over the shock of seeing another zebra, he tried to rise.

"Woah there." The zebra set a hoof gently on Atriark's chest. "Don't move so quickly. I'm sorry about what happened. Name is Zuberi, and I would like to make a proposition."
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