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Zuberi [Zebra]

Post by Zuberi on Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:58 pm

Name: Zuberi
Species: Zebra
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Occupation: Explorer and Mapper
Virtue/Vice: Patience
Special Talent: Knowing the way
Minor Talents: Drawing, mapping, organizing
Alignment: Rebels

4' 4"
Coat Color: White/Black striped
Mane/Tail Color: White/black striped
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Based from an African symbol for "strength"

(Please don't mind the gun, I have no art of him without it.)

Personality: Zuberi is kind hearted in nature, and polite as his parents; both zebra and pony, had taught him to be. He loves to travel, and is easily pulled into adventures. He
is easy to inspire, and impossible to discourage. His name and glyph mark both mean 'strength, but not in his physical strength. In the strength of his will, and in his heart. He is blessed with a natural sense of wonder, and curiosity. Though curiosity can be dangerous in a place
like the griffon occupied Equestria, wonder allows Zuberi to enjoy all things he sees just a bit more than others. Most ponies see a rock; Zuberi sees an old pony, sad and lonely up on the top of a mountain by himself. Perhaps he'll even go to the effort of giving the rock a friend. He has a vivid imagination such as that.

Zuberi is, above all other things, adventurous! He always leaps at the chance to go somewhere new, and usually enjoys every step into un-discovered locations. As he goes, he usually keeps track of a map he draws himself each time he stops. Documents his journey in a journal, sketches things he finds, and saves valuable supplies, and interesting trinkets. Or, as he calls them, 'souvenirs'. He tries his best to repair broken items, and usually does alright selling or trading them. He is a fast learner, and takes advantage of every edge given to him. Every lesson locked away in a mental vault, safe for another day when it may prove useful.

Zuberi is also very energetic. He is always happy, and usually travels with a bounce in his step despite suffering through several horrors in his lifetime. And though it is dangerous, he cannot, cannot, cannot stand traveling in silence. He must sing, or whistle, or listen to a radio as he wanders. No exceptions. Even if it is a little dangerous to make his presence known. He'll also be ready for a fight, should it present itself. He is always willing to walk away. Pride can be hurt, because pride doesn't stop your heart from beating. But arrows because of stupid decisions do.

Zuberi was born to a loving mother and father, who loved to explore. Two zebras, one Equestria full of dangers, and a whole world of things to discover. He came to the age of seven with his parents, and traveled along with them as they ventured the lands in search of- well, nothing in particular. Or, at least as far as Zuberi could tell at the time; nothing. They taught him to walk, and to speak. Over the long courses of the family's travels, there was plenty of time to talk, and practice walking. Zuberi was quite good at it by the age of two.

However, one sad, unfortunate day, Zuberi and his parents were passing through a small town and assisting with restoration efforts, damages from the war with the griffons in exchange for food and other supplies for their journeys. The town came under attack by griffons. By the end of the fight,
Zuberi found himself hiding in a ditch, far far away from the small town, while the ponies left behind were slaughtered for "fun". Zuberi never saw his parents again. He knew he couldn't return to the town. His parents told him not to return. The griffons wouldn't see him running away, but two big zebras would surely be spotted. So they stayed behind.

Days later, Zuberi was buzzard bait. Dehydrated, sick, wounded, and starving- Zuberi felt himself falling away from the world. However, luck would have it that a trader and his wife happened to pass by, and found him. The traders were kind hearted earth ponies who took him in, treated his wounds, fed him and cleaned him. And just as his parents would've done, they raised him on the road. These new earth ponies were very cowboyish, and as Zuberi grew, it rubbed off well. Because of this, he took on their accent, and lost his zebra accent. He traveled, and explored, and scaveneged, and helped ponies. He learned good skills, like how to tell which places were good for scaving and which were not. He learned how to wield weapons, fight, and how to barter. He also learned how to watch out for trouble when other creatures come along. It happened a lot more often than ponies would think.

However, Zuberi's sweet life soon ended, and became bitter again. An ambush. An ambush which took the life of his pony father, and wounded his pony mother. He dragged her back to a town, it had taken days, and it was too late. The infection had kicked in, and took her. Zuberi buried his pony-parents, wept for a month, and learned of the evils that are alcohol. But after, he gave up drinking, and decided to continue traveling as both sets of parents had. In their honor. He had learned all he could from them, and was ready to keep learning, and improving Equestria, one small 'stumbled-upon' town at a time. Now, it was Manehattan's turn.

Nov 13, Morning: Scaving the Ruins

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Re: Zuberi [Zebra]

Post by Steel Strike on Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:36 pm

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