Uzuri [Zebra]

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Uzuri [Zebra]

Post by Suzuri on Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:59 pm

Name: Uzuri
Species: Zebra
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Occupation: Thievery and assassinating
Virtue/Vice: Resourcefulness
Special Talent: Stealth
Minor Talents: Alchemy

Coat Color:White with black stripes
Mane/Tail Color: Black with white stripes
Eye color: Red
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Intelligence


Personality: she's normally a quiet individual, rarely talking to anypony, much less those she doesn't know." this silence from her helps to make herself less noticeable... and deadly.That said, her silence had turned into a stealth machine, as unseen as she's unheard. With this, she's become hardly noticable among crowds, and with that, far more deadly. she also considers herself a bit of an actress. She knows how to assume an anonymous personality, though she hates it, but if she must she could pretend to be somepony that she's not, in order to get the information she needs from other ponies. location of her targets, information on the situational area, that sort of thing. she'd also be able to feign her own death, and when the enemy comes near to inspect her, or simply his his attention turned away, she'd be able to catch him by surprise, with a swift back stab, or a knife to the throat rather than to put out her own words, she prefers to listen to others, so that she may be able to pull every bit of information she may need from them. Be still isn't one for talking, whether it be her own words, or another's. Rather, she prefers to let her actions speak for her.

History: When her parents died at the age of eight, she spent six years as an orphan on the streets, living off petty thievery, but learning to be quick hoofed, sneakier, faster, more dexterous. She was caught stealing one day, and she almost got away with it. Almost. Turns out, she was stealing from a trained assassin, who was impressed with her magnificent stealth skills as well as quick hooves. He took her in, trained her in the arts of short-bladed combat, and alchemy, teaching her to make potions that could aid the harshest of ailments, and cause the deadliest of poisons. Also some potions that could be used as projectiles and she became a contract-assassin. After four years of training, she took assassination jobs from those who would contact her. She moved to Equestria at age eighteen, an impressively young assassin; nopony would suspect a thing, for a young mare like her to be so deadly... although, there were few contracts she'd receive in equestria, and life was... dull. Once she arrived in Equestria she realized the war torn land. The war, however, gave her a job once more when she joined the equestrian army as an assassin, sneaking into enemy camps, taking out key targets, etc. the war ended, and after so many double agent offerings from griffin sides, she actually considered helping the griffins instead. in the end, she just decided to not join any side... an assassin for hire. Not griffin aligned or rebelling, she'd take any job that was passed by her, and roll with it.

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Re: Uzuri [Zebra]

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:07 pm

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