Xolani [Zebra]

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Xolani [Zebra]

Post by Xolani on Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:15 pm

Name: Xolani
Species: Zebra
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Occupation: Monk
Virtue/Vice: Pacifist. Will not fight unless defending herself or another and will never kill unless necessary.
Special Talent: Discipline
Minor Talents: Martial Combat, Holistic Medicine
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4'5"
Coat Color: White with Black stripes
Mane/Tail Color: Black
Eye color: Light Pink
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Sankofa


Personality: Xolani is a calm, stoic and sometimes cold Zebra. Left at a monastery as a baby, the monks raised and trained her in their arts, from medicine and academic, to combat. From an early age she showed an affinity for focused study, being able to meditate on levels reserved for enlightened ones. Most of the monks were impressed with her, however the Abbot say something else, a void in her.

For whatever reason, Xolani is emotionless to almost everything. Others have only seen her smile three times (finally breaking the post with her hooves, passing her education, and finally making a meal that was edible), get upset twice (when she failed to balance for 72 straight hours, falling at 50 and when she saw other foals picking on an old stallion), and cry once (when she could not defend the food stores from bandits). The monks instilled in her a sense of doing right and defending those in need, never turning away any soul seeking refuge and repentance. This means she will do good and help regardless of what she feels...or doesn't feel

History: Xolani never met her parents, nor does she care to. For whatever reason lost on the wind, she was left on the steps of an old monastery. The monks took her in and there she spent 25 years learning, studying and serving in the ways monks do. If given any task she would complete it, without any hesitation, regardless of how long it took. In her free time she would spend hours meditating and honing her skills.

At first the others thought her mute. Even as a baby she hardly cried, earning her the name Xolani, or "peace". It was not until she was 6 did she finally speak up. She only speaks when necessary, usually letting her actions speak for her.

As she reached adulthood she took on roles as a senior monk. The other monks were excited to take her orders (mostly because she hardly spoke) but the Abbot had different plans for her. Xolani hardly showed natural emotion for anything, even things that should. While this state was something they all strove to achieve, to have it from birth, he felt, was not good. "How can one understand something without having experienced it properly," he said as he sent her into the world. "Find yourself," was her order.

Xolani did not quite understand this, but like ever other order, she would not stop until she fulfilled it. She had never been past the outlying areas of the monastery, and so she wandered in a random direction. She would stop to meditate, help others, or resupply, but she always moved on in the same direction. After years of wandering, she has finally reached Equestria, to the city of Manehatten. Normally she would continue on her pilgrimage, but something about this land, this city, has caused her to stay a little longer; a feeling that this is where she will fulfill her task.

Weapons: Hooves (similar to chinese Wing Chun style)Staff (preferred), Rope and weighted sack, Chain whip (only if needed), Blade (extreme cases)

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Re: Xolani [Zebra]

Post by Double Edge on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:35 pm

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