Theros [Zebra]

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Theros [Zebra]

Post by Tracker Jack on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:42 pm

Name: theros
Nickname: Tracker Jack
Species: zebra
Gender: male
Age: 30
Occupation: hunter/resistance soldier
Virtue: PRUDENCE: the ability to judge between virtuous and vicious actions, not only in a general sense, but with regard to appropriate actions at a given time and place.

Special Talent: tracking/hunting

Minor Talents: good with a bow, able to blend in well to background *hide in shadows and such*, and quiet when moving.

Height: 5'
Coat Color: white with black stripes
Mane/Tail Color: black with bits of dark grey in both
Eye color: hazel
Cutie/Glyph Mark: shadow serpent symbol/crest



Personality: Jack keeps to himself when he can, but can become a little protective of those close to him when he does make friends. He was never a fan of gryphons to begin with and the war just made him like them less. He never really gets angry easily but when he does he definatly makes it known as he really only gets angry at ones whom seem to be disrespectful or rude to him too much. He can be a bit tricky sometimes as he likes to sneak up on ponies and surprise them at times.

jack doesn't have many weaknesses to him, accept he hates bugs and LOVES sweets the only other is his affection torwards his friends and loved ones as enemies could use this agianst him. he can be shy torwards people who try to be nice to him and become quiet around large groups at times. and there are two sides to him, one side he is himself, but when an enemy pushes him to far in a certian way or someone hurts one of his loved ones he has a possibilty of snapping at which point he becomes gruesome and dark and savage torwards many if not all around him. when he gets like this its is hard to snap him out of it and he usually wont stop until the one who snapped him is dealt with by his own hooves. That however is rare and one of few side effects of the war that can happen and it is VERY hard to get him to that point. But mostly he is just quiet and kind at times.

History: Jack was on the outskirts of manehattan when it happened. He could see gryphons pouring out of the sky down onto the city and could here the screams of the ponies in the area as he made his way torward the city before two gryphons landed infront of him, both grining a disgusting grin as they moved closer. That was 12 years ago to this date, he hated thinking of that day. in truth he wished he could go back and change how it went down but he couldn't and he knew this he thought as he stood before the two unmarked graves before him that layed behind the abandoned house at the far outskirts.

Jack was always a natural at tracking down his targets undetected. even as a little one he would sneak after his brothers and sisters and surprise them. throughout his life he was taught by his father and mother how to survive in the wild. his mother had taught him how to use herbs and remedies while his father taught him how to track and use a bow. He always loved using the bow, one day his father took him to the back and pulled out a lond beautiful black bow with vines engraved into the hand crafted peice and gave it to him. He told jack "one day you will be strong like me and when that day comes you will use this bow to keep those close to you safe and survive." . He did not understand his father at first, but as he saw his family killed before him that fateful day, he then understood. Now jack fought in the resistance, wielding that beautiful bow ase he struck down any enemy that fought for the gryphons as he wandered the lands, fighting to keep alive.

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