Kestrel [Griffon]

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Kestrel [Griffon]

Post by Kestrel on Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:56 pm

Name: Kestrel
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 80 (40 relative)
Occupation: Hunter for Hire
Virtue/Vice: Temperance

Major Talents: Unarmed and Sword-based Melee combat.
Minor Talents: Espionage, Fieldcraft, Infiltration, acute understanding of both equine and griffon anatomy.
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 6'
Coat Color: Black and Dark Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Black and Dark Grey
Eye color: Gold


Enigmatic, Collected, Pragmatic, and Serene. These are but some of the words used to describe the strangely calm and strictly religious Griffon known to most by the name Kestrel. A follower of the older ways, Kestrel comes off as alien, even to some of his own kind. His signature methods and strict religious code compel, and back up, most of his actions; moreover Kestrel finds peace in their structure, and thus he does not ever stray from the path he follows. Any violations of his code are to be punished swiftly and without mercy. This confidence and peace of mind is fully expressed by the air of infallible calm that seems to hug him like a cloak as he wanders this mortal coil.

Unlike some his religion does not compel him to recruit or convert others, and as such he usually keeps his code to himself. A trait that has both helped and harmed him in the past. His ways are those of stealth, discretion, and predatory nature. He follows the shadows, and uses them to his advantage, prowling the world about him like a massive hunting grounds. It should thus come as no surprise that Kestrel fully realizes and accepts and embraces his role as a predator. Those he is hired, or willing chooses, to follow or target are often refereed to as Quarry or Prey; no matter their species or gender. Those that are titled as such are hunted with ruthless efficiency and extinguished or neutralized with the same unerring, cold precision. His ability to remain undetected, pragmatic nature, and almost , supernatural perception of the world around him all assist the Griffon in accomplishing his assignments. In his talons the very environment becomes a weapon, everyday items become lethal, and every shadow a hiding place.

Humble, Kestrel doesn't brag of his victories, or parade about with the heads of his enemies as trophies. He does keep a rather...unsettling collection of trophies he's collected over the years from particularly worthy prey. Horns, talons, teeth and the like. Alongside this he keeps a small collection of far less stomach churning things however; such as the cloak and mask that shields his face and identity from the view of the world around him.

Selfless, Kestrel sees his body as a tool. One he must keep honed and healthy in service to his code, and the great balance. Many scars of varying origin mar his hide, hidden in some cases beneath his feathers; more still lurking beneath his strange armor. Being so dedicated, it should come as no surprise that when he is between jobs, Kestrel puts himself through incredibly rigorous, and sometimes physically dangerous training routines. He often follows these up with long periods of deep meditation. He is skilled in both fieldcraft and wilderness survival techniques; most of the food and drink he consumes is acquired via these means, though he will eat in public should the need or offer arise.


Kestrel was hatched one snowy winters eve in the warm timbers, and mossy cobblestones of a small cottage in the chilling Taiga of the Northr Kingdoms. Most of his childhood is unknown, the griffon keeping a tight beak about all of it, suffice to say for the first years of his life Kestrel trained however. And he trained hard.

In the harsh lands of the Northr Kingdom, Kestrel learned the Old Ways, his parents, the forests, Tundra's, and villages of the north were harsh, but effective, teachers and by the time Kestrel reached adulthood, he had honed his form, mental, spiritual, and physical into an utterly lethal and ruthlessly efficient tool of service; both to his code, and to the Balance.

The years of harsh training has assisted Kestrel into become a master of arms, especially with his signature weapon Fenrir (A 10-shot pneumatic spear gun) and of the mysterious, fang-like, curved blades he carries; Ulak's Kestrel calls them. Many foes have found themselves pierced, slashed, and slain before they could even gurgle a response by all these weapons. Yet there is one weapon Kestrel has trained with above all else.


His body is just as, if not more, effective at eliminating his targets and disabling threats than any weapon he's ever wielded. And his harsh training, combined with near constant practice will no doubt keep things that way for years to come.

The details of how he came into possession of his strange weaponry, armor, and full repertoire of skills is currently a mystery; One that Kestrel seems intent on carrying to his grave. None still living seem to know more about him than rumor and myth; and even then they often refuse to speak, or give only scraps of information about where to find him or employ his services.

Currently Kestrel makes a living for himself selling his services and information to key players in the war. He takes no sides, and if a deal is offered that is both suitable and does not break his code, he will usually accept.



Sinful Consequences (Nov 5, Year 4)
...of Ponies and Griffons (Nov 12, Year 4)
A Murder on the Move (Nov 12, Year 4)
Work for Those Who can Get It (2nd, Year 4))

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Re: Kestrel [Griffon]

Post by Galactic Blaze on Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:47 pm

Throughout the streets of Manehatten, a chill ran through the air.
Some who looked into the darkness saw a shadowy figure.
They knew not who it was, but they knew somehow,
Deep within their very souls...
They were doomed...

For the figure in the shadows...

Was Kestrel.
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