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Kestrel [Gryphon]

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Name: Kestrel
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Occupation: Shaman/Undertaker
Virtue/Vice: Temperance
Major Talents: Northr Shamanism, Unarmed and Sword-based Melee combat.
Minor Talents: Fieldcraft, Applied sciences of Mortuary Science (Embalming, burial rites, coffin crafting, after death repair).

Height: 6'
Coat Color: Black and Dark Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Black and Dark Grey
Eye color: Gold


Enigmatic, Unsettling, and Serene. These are but some of the words used to describe the strangely calm and strictly religious Griffon known to most by the name Kestrel. A Shaman of the older ways, Kestrel comes off as alien, even to some of his own kind. His signature methods and strict religious code compel, and back up, most of his actions; moreover Kestrel finds peace in their structure, and thus he does not ever stray from the path he follows. Any violations of his code are to be punished swiftly and without mercy. This confidence and peace of mind is fully expressed by the air of infallible calm that seems to hug him like a cloak as he wanders this mortal coil.

Unlike some his religion does not compel him to recruit or convert others, and as such he usually keeps his code to himself. A trait that has both helped and harmed him in the past. In medicine his ways are those of herbs, poultices, and potions. In Combat his ways are those of stealth, discretion, and predatory nature. He follows the shadows, and uses them to his advantage, prowling the world about him like a massive hunting grounds. It should thus come as no surprise that Kestrel fully realizes and accepts and embraces his role as a predator just as much as he accepts that he must also act as prey sometimes.

His ability to remain undetected, pragmatic nature, and almost supernatural perception of the world around him all assist the Griffon in accomplishing his assignments and travel the world safely despite being alone more often than not.

Humble, Kestrel doesn't brag of his victories, accomplishments, or titles. Even in his tribe he was not one to parade about with the heads of his enemies held aloft as trophies. He does however keep a rather...unsettling collection of trophies he's collected over the years from particularly worthy prey Horns, talons, teeth and the like. Alongside this he keeps a small collection of far less stomach churning things however; such as the cloak and mask that shields his face and identity from the view of the world around him.

Selfless, Kestrel sees his body as a tool. One he must keep honed and healthy in service to his code, and the great balance. Many scars of varying origin mar his hide, hidden in some cases beneath his feathers; more still lurking beneath his strange armor. Being so dedicated, it should come as no surprise that when he is between jobs, Kestrel puts himself through incredibly rigorous, and sometimes physically dangerous training routines. He often follows these up with long periods of deep meditation. Along side his many skills as a Shaman he is also skilled in both fieldcraft and wilderness survival techniques; most of the food and drink he consumes is acquired via these means, though he will eat in public should the need or offer arise.


Kestrel was hatched one snowy Autumn eve in the warm timbers, and mossy cobblestones of a small cottage in the chilling Taiga of the Northr Kingdoms. Most of his childhood is unknown, the griffon keeping a tight beak about all of it, suffice to say for the first years of his life Kestrel trained however. And he trained hard.

In the harsh lands of the Northr Kingdom, Kestrel learned the Old Ways, his parents, the forests, Tundra's, and villages of the north were harsh, but effective, teachers and by the time Kestrel reached adulthood, he had honed his form, mental, spiritual, and physical into an utterly lethal and ruthlessly efficient tool of service; both to his code, and to the Balance earning him the title of Warrior. Yet he did not stop here.

Unlike most Kestrel was not at ease to simply serve blindly. He wanted to understand the teachings of his people and do more than just harm. And so began his training as a shaman. The Shamans of the Northr are often revered for their position amongst their people. As wise as they are powerful, both Hunter and Healer. The trial to become one is one of the harshest around. Kestrel took on this challenge without hesitation, returning nearly beaten with they eerie artifact he calls the Claw of the Collector on his arm. His people took him in, healed him back, and recognized his passing of the trial.

He had become a Shaman.

The years of harsh training has assisted Kestrel into become one of the more revered shamans amongst his people. While no longer just a warrior, he still focused and made sure to hone his fighting skills, becoming quite adept at combat, especially with his signature weapon Fenrir (An 8-shot pneumatic spear gun) and the strange gauntlet upon his arm. Many foes have found themselves pierced, slashed, and slain before they could even gurgle a response by these weapons. Yet there is one weapon Kestrel has trained with above all else.


His body is just as, if not more, effective at eliminating his targets and disabling threats than any weapon he's ever wielded. And his harsh training, combined with near constant practice will no doubt keep things that way for years to come.

The details of how he came into possession of his strange weaponry, armor, and full repertoire of skills is currently a mystery; One that Kestrel seems intent on carrying to his grave. Some can be explained away by simply studying the Old Ways, and the Northr Traditions, but others are not so easily pinned down. None still living seem to know more about him than rumor and myth; and even then they often refuse to speak, or give only scraps of information about where to find him or employ his services.

Currently Kestrel makes a living for himself selling his services as a Shaman, Undertaker, and Hunter alongside by selling bits of information to key players in the war. He takes no sides, and if a deal is offered that is both suitable and does not break his code, he will usually accept.



Kestrel's Mask of Attunement

Item Name: Kestrel's Mask of Attunement

Availability: One of a Kind

Functions: Conceals identity, and provides the abilities listed below. If taken from him Kestrel looses a good deal of his normal perception, and he will be forced to seek out the mask again if he wishes for it back. Should another put on the mask, and make it fit, they may be subject to sensory overload depending on the individual.

Purpose: Attunes Kestrel to the Natural Magics of the world, increasing his senses to their current eerily high levels and granting him great clarity of the world around him. (not to mention finally explains why he always seems to at least somewhat know whats going on.)

How did he get it: Kestrel gained this item in its original state through his trials to become a Shaman. The mask hid his identity, protected him from the elements, and served as a barrier to the world. However, it didn't have the potent enchantments it now does. During his travels Kestrel met a unicorn by the name of Tinker Tailor. A mysterious, but lucrative salespony. He specialized in contract work, and was known as someone who could get you just about anything. For the right price.

Through a few contracts and shady deals Kestrel earned the various enchantments that eventually began to build upon his mask. Where most paid with coin, he paid with blood, sweat, and skin through the contracts he took. In kind Tinker offered to enchant his mask for him.

After a few long jobs The Mask was given its current powers then was returned and Kes' training continued. In time he began to unlock its secrets and adapt to its great power. It has taken almost all of his life to master its gifts, and still he has much to learn.

Description of what this item does in semi-mechanical terms: Increases  sensory awareness, and allows communication with other biological things such as birds, insects, and animals, but ONLY if he is given time to 'attune' to the area.

Depending on the number of creatures, local magic concentration, and the size of the area being studied the alignment process can take anywhere from a few minutes to over a month. Once an area has been attuned however, Kestrel needs only a fraction of the time to 'realign' himself.

During this process Kestrel cannot do much more than live his life. It cannot be done in combat, or on the fly, he must stop and focus on the task at hand. In the cases where it will take great lengths of time, Kestrel will need to set up camp or home in the area so as to maximize his exposure.

If at anytime during this process Kestrel is forced to focus on something else, such as combat, the process will cease until he can continue in peace once again.

That said, this mask also carries with it some serious downsides. Namely its sensory amplification cannot be 'tuned', and despite his decades of training his body has its limits. So while Kestrel has adapted so as to be able to endure a great deal of what his mask brings in, if something like a cannon, or flash bomb were to explode near him, its noise and flash would surely affect him more-so than it would others. To the point that he may even be forced to remove the mask at times lest he risk being 'overloaded' with the incoming stimuli. An overload in turn causing him to have to rest or recover for a time before being able to move again.

Description of the item's appearance: Black, smooth, and lightweight this mask hugs Kestrels face and skull perfectly, and can only truly fit someone with his dimensions. It covers almost his entire beak, except for its bottom; thus allowing him to speak.

The Claw of the Collector


Item name: Claw of the Collector

Availability: Soul-Bound to Kestrel

Functions: Primary use of this artifact is in close quarters/talon-talon combat. The blades of the talons are used to rip flesh and cause great wounds, the gauntlet's actual armor providing great protection and parrying ability with the arm it sheathes.

Purpose: This weapon serves as the mortal embodiment of the Bone Collector, an ancient Northr Spirit of the Dead. Guardian of the Balance, and Creator of the Soul, it is this great deity that is in charge of judging the dead, and reaping their souls when the time comes.

How did he get it: During his final trial as a hunter, Kestrel was sent out into the legendary Djúpr Angr tundra and told to survive until his trial was over. It would prove to be the ultimate test and it was quite nearly the death of the gryphon.

Midway through his journey, a blizzard kicked up. The winds howled, the ice clung to him in sheets, and Kestrel knew that if he could not find shelter soon he would perish. Onward he trudged, struggling to even move in the frigid cold.

Just when he thought his time was up, he saw something in the distance. A small, nearly invisible mound. He'd found a burial Cairn. Digging inside Kestrel found his shelter, and using some of the ancient tables and decoration he managed to make himself a fire.

Warming up took time, but soon he was again revitalized and with his new found strength he set to scanning the Cairns inside. His explorations lead him deep into the core of the structure.

Here, in the gloomy shadow, Kestrel found the gauntlet. Secured to the arm of some mysterious griffon, still sitting upon his throne.

The moment Kestrel slipped it on it bound itself to him; a painful process indeed. This was the proof he'd passed his trial. Gathering his strength Kestrel persevered back to his village and showed what he had found. To this day he's yet to leave the weapon off his arm for very long.

However as a weapon of the Void, it is both extremely helpful and irrevocably harmful.

Description of what this item does in semi-mechanical terms: The gauntlet itself provides supreme protection against the elements and damage, all though it only effects the limb it is sheathing; in Kestrel's case the right foreleg and shoulder. The blades that cover his own talons are easily capable of rending muscle from bone or cutting through leather armors. Any flesh they find will not be able to resist their wicked touch, and will split at the slightest effort, and even the soul will feel the wounds they cause.

Should the talons not be used, and instead just the metal itself comes into contact with flesh; as would happen if Kestrel were touching someone or holding them tightly it will still attempt to consume the soul of the individual. However this would take far far longer than an instantaneous kill move at the end of a long battle. This 'consuming' would start of slow, it would feel as though the strength was being sapped from the individual, followed by a growing sense of dread and a deep, terrible cold that would fill one from the inside out.

The longer an individual remains in contact with the weapon, the worse the effects would become, until finally their soul would be taken entirely.

All of this comes with a great cost however. If used for the killing blow, the weapon will reap the soul of the target; consuming it. For each complete soul the weapon claims, Kestrel himself is experiences an extreme physical pain; which would significantly weaken him for a period of time. Alongside this a bit of his own spirit taken along with each soul consumed, pulling him further into the Void. The deeper he gets, the thinner the veil becomes between this world and the next.

If enough are taken Kestrel would begin to suffer strange effects from this, such as sightings of spirits, hearing whispers, phantom pains, insomnia, and eventually death.

Should anyone ever try and wield the weapon themselves, aside from Kestrel, it would preform the aforementioned effects. Consuming and weakening them until they either removed the gauntlet, or perished.

Description of the item's appearance: Sheathing the entire foreleg, the Claw of the Collector as a beautiful and intricate weapon. Made of a rare metal known as Anathemium the weapon is primarily silver in color, the gauntlet is decorated with what appears to be expertly carved bone inlay. Bordering on these plates of bone, artistically inscribed into the Anathemium plating itself, is a series of many ancient Northr runes; A prayer to the Collector, and a ward for all the souls the weapon claims.

The 'hand' of the gauntlet is articulated to allow for the maximum range of motion. The talons, long, bladed, and sharp, are decorated with bits of bone inlaying and runes, much like the rest of the gauntlet.

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