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Post by Double Edge on Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:13 pm

Gryphon Ranks

Commander Felik: Supreme commander of all the Gryphon armed forces and has final say in any operation. Position only exists during wartime, as during peace the rank of General handles all oversight for their region and reports to the Gryphon High Council.

Fourth Claw Commander: Ranks above Lt. Generals There can only be Eight Fourth Claws at any one point. They are given command over an operational theater or region. Currently these eight generals each control a major city of Equestria, as well as the  region around it.

Third Claw Commander: Ranks above Second Claws. Typically commands a corps-sized unit.

Second Claw Commander: Ranks above First Claws. Typically commands division-sized units, as well as commandants of Army service schools and commanding officers.

First Claw Commander: Ranks above Colonels. Typically serves as Deputy Commander to the Commanding General of a division and assists in overseeing the planning and coordination of a mission. In an infantry brigade not attached to a division, a Brigadier General serves as the unit's commander.

Colonel: Ranks above Lt. Colonels. Colonels usually command infantry brigades.

Lieutenant Colonel: Ranks above Major. Typically commands a battalion-sized unit. A lieutenant colonel may also serve as a brigade, regiment, or task force Executive Officer.

Major: Ranks above Captains. A major in the Gryphon Army typically serves as a battalion executive officer (XO) or as the battalion operations officer (S3). A major can also serve as a primary staff officer for a regiment, brigade or task force in the areas concerning personnel, logistical and operations. A major will also be a staff officer / action officer on higher staffs and headquarters.

Captain: Ranks above First Lieutenants. Generally commands company-sized units. When given such a command, they bear the title Company Commander. Captains also instruct at service schools and combat training centers and are often staff officers at the battalion level.

First Lieutenant: Ranks above Second Lieutenants. Position can include leading a specialty platoon, or assignment as the executive officer for a company-sized unit.

Second Lieutenant: Entry level for Commissioned Officers, only ranks above enlisted gryphons and Non-commissioned Officers. Typically commands a platoon-size element.

Enlisted Gryphons:

Sergeant Major: Ranks above First Sergeants. Field officers, third in command of their regiments (after their colonels and lieutenant colonels).

First Sergeant: Ranks above Master Sergeants. First Sergeants are generally the senior non-commissioned officers of company sized units. Also, they are second in command in a company.

Sergeant First Class: Ranks above Staff Sergeants. Sergeant First Class is typically in charge of anywhere from 18 soldiers to 40 soldiers in a normal Talon platoon.

Staff Sergeant: Ranks above Sergeants. Staff Sergeants are generally placed in charge of squads, but can also act as platoon sergeants in the absence of a Sergeant First Class. In support units, Staff Sergeants ordinarily hold headquarters positions because of the number of slots available for SSG in these units. Staff Sergeants are typically assigned as a squad leader but may also hold other positions depending on the type of unit.

Sergeant: Ranks above Corporals. Sergeants in the infantry, for example, lead fire teams of four men. There are two fire teams in a 9-man Talon squad, which is led by a staff sergeant.

Corporal: Ranks above Specialist and Private First Classes. a corporal is a non-commissioned officer and may direct the activities of other soldiers A soldier may be promoted to corporal directly from the rank of private first class or promoted from specialist.

Specialist: Ranks above Private First Class. Specialists are not considered junior non-commissioned officers. The rank of Specialist is the typical rank to which Privates First Class are promoted. It is granted far more often than corporal.

Private First Class: Ranks above Private. They don't do anything special. The rank is given to those who show experience.

Private: The basic soldier. Entry level for Enlisted Gryphons.

Maggot:  A rank specially designed for the highly unlikely case of ponies wanting to join the Gryphon military, or gryphons who have went against the military in some way.  The rank is inescapable and for some given this rank, their fate is sealed when their usefulness is used up.

Other parts of the Gryphon Military:

The Office of Griffin Intelligence: The Office of Griffin Intelligence is a branch of the military dedicated on the gathering of information through any means necessary, as well as the house for a shadow group of gryphons fanatically dedicated to the empire’s survival, simply known as the Prudentate.  More importantly, the Office of Griffin Intelligence performs critical services for the Military and information that the main branch needs, such as codebreaking, and espionage.

The Prudentate:  A small group of fanatical gryphons dedicated to the survival of the gryphon kingdom.  

The Centurions: combat specialists. Guards, assassins, soldiers.
The Praetors: go-betweens, messengers, and liaisons.
The Prudentate: the leaders of the cult.
The Auxiliaries: non-combatants, they keep the cult running smoothly. Tradesmen, medical personnel, etc.

Svartade Escaker (Blackened Wing): An organization known only by the Tsar Maksim himself, and to those unfortunate enough to cross them.  This group, though rather small is dedicated to the stability of the kingdom. To do this agents, or Ravens, are slipped into every key branch of the kingdom.  Silently monitoring them and reporting back to the Tsar their findings, making sure they are in line

Kvall Aldste:  The head of the Svartade, and the spokes member for the Svartade.  His main jobs are distributing and coordinating his Raven’s as well as reporting his findings back to  Tsar Maksim

Ravens:  The grunts of the Svartade Escaker.  These individuals are trained specifically in the art of espionage.  Slipping into the inner workings of the Kingdom, never allowing  their presence to be compromised.  Each is trained that if their secret is even remotely discovered, the only honorable response would be suicide, so that the secret of the Svartade Escaker could remain intact.
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