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Kira [Gryphon]

Post by Kira on Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:51 pm

Name: Kira
Species: Gryphon
Gender: Female
Age: 72 (36)
Occupation: Zeppelin Captain
Virtue: Steadfastness
Major Talents: Quick Thinker: Kira can react almost instantaneously to any situation, due to her piloting background.
Alignment: Undecided.

Height: 5'4"
Coat Color: White with black spots.
Feather Color: Brown.
Eye color: Gold

A snapshot of Kiras personality would reveal a griffon who can come across as hot headed, stubborn, strong-willed and loyal. She doesn’t take kindly to those who would prey upon the weak and also hates sitting around doing nothing.

Being raised in the aristocratic higher class had an effect on Kira as she have been told her entire childhood from when she hatched that she was better than most others and this have affected her so that she do at time act superior to other. Despite this is she helpful to other, for a price. There is nothing that is free in the world and she knows this but is not beyond to haggle to get a price that she finds fare.

Kira can be called a loyalist to the Gryphon kingdoms as she openly supports the gryphon occupation of Equestria. Still there are thing that she do not openly agree with, like the oppression of the equines and how many gryphon have lost their way with the old ways.

Kira was hatched into the world in the north eastern province of the kingdoms below the snowy tops of the great mountains down in a lush green valley. She was the youngest daughter in a family of two older brothers, their parents was part of the aristocratic higher class and this reflected on their upbringing as they were educated from the time when they opened their eyes. She had a very sheltered upbringing as she learned about old gryphon traditions, Equestrian and Gryphon engineering and science, as well as the arts of gryphon war and hunting but her parents had a clear goal with the education they were giving her. They had planned a religious pursuit for their daughter, but as fate did this was not the future for the then young Kira.

Kira did have other plans in mind as she had grown up close with her brothers, so she took more interest in their studies and war games. As the gryphoness grew older she did soon show that the priestess life that was planned for her would not work, she was much more adept to follow the way of the huntress.

Her life remained much the same for a long time, education mixed with training and hunting despised her parents wishes. It was not until the war started her life changed. She joined when the call to war was heard and quickly rose to the ranks and became an officer due to influence from her family. Sadly for the gryphoness her ture of duty was short lived, during her first combat mission ever she got hit by a stray pegasus lightning bolt. It was a miracle that she had survived, but the bolt had hit her wing while it was visibly wrong with the wing the gryphoness was not able to fly again after the wound.

With a wounded wing and unable to fly Kira did not have much choice but to be pulled out of the war completely. During this time as the war kept going Kira did as her parents once had planned for her as she spent her time while her wing was healing and during the rest of the war among the priestesses and the religious order, but still even among them she never joined the order and became a full member as she never really felt home among them.

As the war grew to a close with a gryphon victory and occupation of equestria Kira finally chose that it was time to leave and find her own path. She still had a desire to fly again even if she was not able do so again, instead she found the second best thing to do. She used her family connections to be able to find a spot as a pilot on a small transport zeppelin that was taking wares all over the Gryphon kingdoms and Equestria.

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Nov 12, Year 4 - ...of Ponies and Griffons

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Re: Kira [Gryphon]

Post by Freyia on Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:57 pm

Very nice Kira, I approve. The only worry I have is since your occupation is a pilot on a transport ship, you may want to try and find a reason to stay in Manehatten.

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