Aella Eversor [Griffon]

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Aella Eversor [Griffon]

Post by Aella on Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:30 am

Name: Aella Eversor
Species: Griffon
Gender: Female
Age: young
Occupation: Slave
Virtue/Vice: Will to bring joy (Cannot find a word to express)
Special Talent: Bard/performer
Minor Talents: Combat
Alignment: Enslaved to Guerrillas

Height: 5’ 3”
Coat Colour: Pure White
Eye colour: Green

Aella is an exquisite and beautiful specimen of a griffoness, her lithe body disguising a strength bred over centuries by the owners of her ancestors. She always wears a small enchanted collar, a mark of ownership from the Guerrillas that forces her obedience.


Aella was born into slavery under house Aquillae, in a small dingy cell beneath a villa high in the mountains. Her mother was a champion gladiator and a slave, her line bred for a dozen generations to be the finest examples of the Griffon race. Her father was unknown to her owner, likely one of her handlers or another slave.

Though the lack of knowledge of her father’s ancestry significantly reduced her worth, her mother’s pedigree made her very valuable indeed.

Her mother was permitted to rear her for a few short years before they were forcibly separated by their owner, an event that caused the death of four handlers by her mother’s talon.

She was taken to far from the villa to the Colosseum of the capitol to be trained as a Gladiator like her mother. She was beaten into submission and made to be subservient to her masters will and trained to kill with sword, spear and her bare talons, on foot and in flight.

It was there, at the age of seven when she first killed.

Her trainer brought through a pony bandit, purchased from a jailer near the Equestrian border. He was given weapons and ordered to fight. Despite her youth she quickly overwhelmed her opponent and drove her talons through his windpipe.

Sitting beside the dying pony, listening to his agonised gurgling and his blood soaking into her coat, Senka felt a sense of mourning for this creature. Her trainer would not allow this. Under the order and eye of her trainer, she made a meal of the still living ponies flesh, a reward for her victory and a punishment for her weakness.

Through her training, she had brief periods of respite. She was taught to dance and sing for the entertainment of her owner and his guests, and found the pursuit of these arts more enjoyable than killing. When permitted to roam the coliseum she would seek out her mentor, a bard by the name of Allus and the only creature she was able to consider a friend.

For many years she was trained. She killed dozens of adversaries and became a strong Griffoness. Allus mentored her throughout, teaching her to bring joy to a crowd through her voice and movements instead of the blood she spilled. She came to love him as a father, but this did not go unnoticed by her masters.

On the day of her first official battle, she was lead into the arena. She was not afraid, for the arena masters never risked a fresh gladiator of her pedigree against a worthy opponent for fear of losing them too early.

As she stood on the blood stained sand of the arena floor, the roar of a bloodthirsty crowd filling her ears, her opponent was marched in at spearpoint.


Clad in mail and bearing a cheap longsword instead of an easy smile, but still unmistakably him.

They stood opposite each other, unsure what to do. If they did not fight, they would both be killed in a horrible agonising manner.

Allus acted first, hefting the sword in both talons and making a clumsy swing at Aella who easily grabbed the hilt, stopping the sword instantly. As they stood locked together, Aella heard her friend whisper one thing.

“Kill me, save yourself. I love you”

After a brief but showy fight, Aella snatched Allus’ sword from his talons and drove it into his head. As she sat, crying silently over her friends corpse, it was announced that she had been purchased by an officer of the Tsars army by the name of Feliks.

Aella was transported to Manehattan over the next month and put into service as the pet bodyguard and entertainer of the Guerrilla officers. Barely a fully fledged adult


In the presence of her masters, Aella is the image of a well-disciplined slave. She never makes eye contact with her masters and never questions an order for fear of punishment. Outside of the watchful eye of her owners, she is quiet and downtrodden, rarely speaking to anyone beyond what is necessary.

Performing is the one true joy of her life, whether it be singing, dancing or playing one of the few instruments that Allus was able to teach her.

Aella misses Allus greatly and blames her former owners for his death as much as herself. 

Given the slightest opportunity, she will attempt to escape her captivity and flee into the warren of ruins, derelicts and ghettoes that make up modern day Manehattan.

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Re: Aella Eversor [Griffon]

Post by Steel Strike on Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:22 pm

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