Fear (Batpony)

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Fear (Batpony)

Post by The Fear on Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:43 pm

I guess I'm at the level of being allowed to complain at the whole, "You need a different Email every time" situation. First that happened, then someone had the default name I made, so i had to just throw a 'The' at the start, (Funny how 'The' saves things a lot) AND my friend still hasn't been able to make a picture so you get a Dancing Daxter for a while.
Ok, now that my rant is over, here's the CS Lads and Lassie's.

Name: Fear
Species: Batpony
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Causing Mental Distress on Others
Virtue/Vice:  Lack of Embarrassment (Could be considered Good and Bad. Depending on occasions)
Special Talent: Hunting
Minor Talents: Tracking, Ambushing, Guerrilla Tactics, Instilling Fear in his Prey, Use of Crossbows.
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance & Picture:
Height: 4.7'
Coat Color: Brown/Dark Brown
Mane/Tail Color: Black w/ White Tips
Eye color: Silver
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A Crossbow and a Bolt

Picture: (A Picture will be here, eventually, when my friend has drawn it in his own time)

Fear is generally a happy individual, regardless of what is said about him and what he does. It’s also one of the ways he puts the sense of fear in his prey. He seemingly enjoys the torment his prey has once it realises it’s being stalked. (Actually, he’s just a little bit mental)
In true retrospect, he doesn’t like it, or dislike it. He just watches, happy with his efforts and happy with watching his prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Fear takes pride in his ability to hunt, using a crossbow to hit his targets from a range, Utilising poison bolts and other tools. With the use of Shadowglyphs, he commonly marked out spots he likes to observe and hunt from. He also placed them for his brethren when they were left to hunt if he could not, feeling as though they needed all the help he could give them.

If something challenged him to hunting challenges, he would rarely ever refuse. The thrill and challenge of the hunt was enough for him each time.

Fear lived most of his young life amongst a small band of his kind, learning the skills to hunt from his father and how to socialise with others from his Sister. His mother died giving birth to him.

Life was pretty good considering the times, as he grew up he became the bands Main Hunter. Where it fell to him to keep most of the food supply up, and to also teach the younger one’s what his father taught him.
However, the Griffon’s found them. It was a big force and they weren’t going to take many if any prisoners. He found himself knocked out during the raid, and he woke up amongst the dead bodies of those that failed to escape.
He searched for his father and Sister but couldn’t find them. In a way that made him feel better, but also left him concerned about their fate. He hadn’t lost them, but he didn’t know what happened to a lot of the people he knew.

Afterwards he used his skills to stay alive; he remained in woodland areas to hunt. Sometimes he’d also hunt Griffon patrols, or even Ponies. He wasn’t afraid to use them as food either, he kind of lost it living and surviving on his own, becoming somewhat feral. But in his defence, the Griffon’s are general dickheads and the Ponies he hunted had shown themselves to be no different from the Griffons. It’s the rules of life to him.

After a few years he finally decided to try giving a city a try, maybe finding work or some general use for his skills. Manehattan was the closest place and he hadn’t had any experience with cities and places before, so walking into an oppressed city wasn’t a big change. In fact it wasn’t all he expected at all, his kind is rarely seen in cities. And because of this occupation, he didn’t spur up as many reactions as he thought he would. The minor ones were stares or looks of confusion, and others were more direct such as insults about his parent’s sexing a bat. They were lucky he didn’t care for words or they’d have probably been his next meal. It would have also got him a good reputation for eating ponies, but he doesn’t really need that right now.

Factional Standing:
Despite his past, Fear does not care to pick a side or hold a grudge against the Griffons for what they've done. He is willing to work for either side at any time if his skills prove useful. For example, if he has aided the Rebels several times he will still aid the Griffon forces regardless.
A true mercenary at heart.

Equipment of Intrest:
Fear has a pair of claws that attach to his hind legs. His father made them on the thought that being able to remain still at a height gave better chances for catching prey.
The claws retract and grab onto things like they should depending on his body movement. Other than grabbing and hanging onto things, they have no other uses.
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Re: Fear (Batpony)

Post by Steel Strike on Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:09 pm

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