Doppelbob [Batpony]

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Doppelbob [Batpony]

Post by Doppelbob on Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:38 pm

Name: Doppelbob
Species: Batpony
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Occupation: -
Virtue/Vice: Chaotic creativity
Special Talent: Sketching and drawing
Minor Talent: Some medical training
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 4 foot, 7 inches
Coat Colour: Grey/Dark Blue
Main/Tail Colour: Black
Eye colour: Orange in one eye, blue in the other.
Cutie mark: Pencil crossing a paint brush.

Doppelbob is active at night (like every Bat pony).
He is kind to ponies and other races if they are kind to him.
He tries to avoid conflict, but when he gets in one, he always does everything to win.
If you gain his friendship, he’ll be at your side when you need help.
He’s creative and has good ideas sometimes to solve problems easily.
But sometimes he also has pretty stupid ideas which lead to new problems and bad situations.
Doppelbob didn’t have many friends back in the caves, but he really wanted to have some. He tries to become friends with anypony. In fact, he even would like to have griffon friends, but they mostly want to kill him or torture him to find the last bat ponies. He never felt love except that family type love, but he knows it has to be the best feeling ever. So he’s on the search for a partner as well and hopefully will find a good match.
Doppelbob was born in Canterlot seven years before the war started. He was raised as every male Batpony in his tradition, to become a Royal Guard of Luna. His father was already a high ranking guard and felt pretty proud to be one. But Doppelbob didn’t like the idea of being a guard; he was more interested in being creative and wanted to become an artist or something like that. His father still forced him to prepare for the guards.
At the age of six, Doppelbob got an illness (Diabetes), which he wouldn’t lose for his entire life. He has to give himself an injection about 3-4 times a day or he would go unconscious and slowly begin to die. He learned to live with it and learned how to produce the medicine. Also, he got at least a bit lucky through it, because with the illness, he wasn’t allowed to join the guards and his father stopped forcing him to join.

When the war started, Doppelbob and his mom went to the old cave-cities, where their ancestors had lived before. His father had to fight for Luna and died at the final battle in Canterlot. The Griffons never found the cave and so the some of the last survivors of the Lunar Guard went there too. When Doppelbobs mom found out about the death of her husband, she committed suicide. She wasn’t able to stand the loss. Doppelbob was pretty sad, but decided to get through it.
Now four years after the war was lost, Doppelbob decided to get out of that cave to explore the ruins of Equestria that remained.
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Re: Doppelbob [Batpony]

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:27 am

Hmm.... Actually pretty good. Approved.
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