Shady Silhouette [batpony]

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Shady Silhouette [batpony]

Post by Shady Silhouette on Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:28 pm

Name: Shady Silhouette
Species: Bat Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Occupation: Spy and assassin
Virtue: Discretion
Special Talent: Trickery
Minor Talents: Persuasion and sneaking
Alignment: Griffons

Height: 4'1''
Coat Color: dark gray
Mane/Tail Color: red and black
Eye color: ruby red
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Double question marks


Snide and very clever, she will worm her way into the trust of anyone she deems valuable or worthwhile towards her goals. She cares very little for any pony, zebra, griffon, what have you she runs into and will use them in any way she can while feigning innocence and sincerity to gain their trust. Though uncaring, she is very loyal to those who have gained her true trust and will risk herself to make sure they stay safe, even if it means taking a blade to the heart. If asked to perform a task by one of the few with her full trust, she will make sure it is seen through to the end, making sure anyone that stands in her way won't be in her way for long.

If questioned, she will never give off any true information and will mislead her questioner with false answers until they give up and simply let her go. Being rather thin, she can sneak into small spaces other ponies can't fit into to watch her marks undetected. As much as a blessing it is, she cannot tolerate pain or damage too well and will avoid physical battles in any way she can, opting to run away in hopes of losing her purser in the shadows. Though she is quite clever, she has a tendency to act before thinking and will often find herself stuck in a trap she built herself.

Abandoned as a newborn, she was taken in by a family of griffons and raised as one of them. While growing up, she was taught nothing about what it meant to be a pony and was completely assimilated into the lifestyle of the griffons. Once she was old enough to realize on her own what she truly was, never questioned why she was there and simply stayed loyal to those that had raised and fed her.

At the age of fifteen, she joined the griffon military ranks as a foot soldier and entered basic training. Once it was realized that she was unable to match the strength needed to even pass the training course, she was offered a new deal by her superiors who had noticed her skills at being quiet or otherwise sneaky. Taking the rare position as an army spy, she was shipped out to Fillydelphia to act as the ears of the griffon unit stationed there.

Two years later, the news of a large rebellion group in Manehatten managed to reach the Fillydelphian guard. Not needed in her current position anymore, she was forcibly shipped out to the larger city and has been integrating herself into the rebellion ever since as best she could. Quietly watching from the shadows of the many various known rebellion centers, she gathers as much information on the various notable individuals. All while keeping up a perfect facade.

Personal Timeline

December 9th - Pumping Ego
December 11th - Just Browsing - Griffon Headquarters
December 11th - Just Browsing - Raddie's Rarities

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Re: Shady Silhouette [batpony]

Post by Steel Strike on Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:47 pm

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