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Name: Restless Nightmare
Species: Batpony
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Occupation: EX military (ex RTC captain)
Likes: beer, honey whine , a good steak
Special Talent: Range shooting with the bow, Sword fight
Minor Talents: stealth operations
Alignment: want to join the rebels


Height: 4'1''
Coat Color: white 
Mane/Tail Color: black/dark red
Eye color: Red
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Target with arrow in it


Restless Nightmare [Batpony][Transfer] PeVtcM7
With Armor:
Restless Nightmare [Batpony][Transfer] 31TOFvy


Nightmare is a much drilled pony. She follows orders without opposition less, if they are given by higher ranked ponies. She has a great tactical knowledge which she uses to help other ponies. She tries to defend innocent from griffons and wants to join the rebels to fight the griffons back. The hate against the griffons rises from one day to another and she vowed vengeance to them.

The death of her squad mates hit Nightmare very hard. Often she asks herself if she would have been able to prevent it. Sometimes she doubts her own leading abilities and falls in minor depressions. Often those depressions stay for a few days and sometimes she drowns them with alcohol. She either can be a big jerk or gets very clingy when she is drunk.


Restless Nightmare was born in Canterlot as the daughter of a general of the royal equestrian air force. Her mother was a famous bowyer, working for the equestrian army too. Except all other bat ponies, Restless Nightmare had a white coat. Her parents were very afraid about that, but it seemed to be the only difference to other bat ponies. The Doc assured she wouldn’t have any other physical disabilities.

Her parents tried to raise her normal, but she knew she was different. At school she often got bullied to have a bright coat. Her classmates told her she wouldn’t be a real bat pony. She got nearly terrorized by them, when they started to chase her and beating her up. Often she came home with bruises and sometimes with small wounds. She lied to her parents she would have fallen down the stairs or running into the door frame.

As soon as her parents found out the truth her father arranged to get her to a military school. At this school no one bullied her, because the punishments were harsh. At first restless had problems with the new school. She often went late for class or didn´t followed the rules, but after the teachers punished her often enough, she did her best to stop the delays and followed the rules. She started to be a good student and soon was the valedictorian.

After school she joined the Royal Equestrian Air force. As bat pony she wasn’t the fastest between the pegasi but tried to do her best. Soon she started to being very good with the bow. She mostly had the best result in target practice.

Soon her talent was watched by high ranked people and she got invited to join the RTC (Rapid Tactical Command).  She knew a few things about the RTC, as example they were involved in finding the remaining changelings after chrysalis attempt to overtake Canterlot. She had to do an special training, which took about one extra year.

In the time before the war she was involved in some missions of the RTC.

Her first mission was the rescue of a few prisoners, the changelings kidnapped a year after the attack on canterlot. The prisoners were in a small outpost of the changelings which were not far behind the Equestrian borders. A small Unit of ponies was ordered. Under the lead of captain skyfall ten ponies moved out. The mission was a complete success. And the prisoners were all saved.

Unfortunately the second mission was not such success. A small unit of five ponies was sent into the changelings land to get information about possible attacks. They got into one hive unseen. They found not much of use, but at least some relevant information. On the way out of the hive they were seen by some guards of the changelings. Two soldiers died in that mission. Restless just got away with a few wounds.

The information they found were directly used for the third mission. The changelings had planned an attack on one of the parades in the cities around canterlot. The RTC sent soldiers to secure the princess Luna on those parades. Luckily there was no attack and the parades just went like planed.

Before the war started restless made her way up to be a Major and she was leading units.

The RTC had much to do when the war started. Restless was involved in many missions behind enemy lines. Mostly they gathered information, but they also had sabotage and rescue missions.

Restless assembled herself a unit of specialist for her missions. They went through every mission together and become like a family. The unit was called “Nights shadow” which came from the fact they all were bat ponies, and mostly, nearly ever operated at nights.

As the war started Restless was informed she had to assemble a team to go behind enemy lines. She got a bunch of records to a few suitable soldiers. Restless never had to choose her units by herself. Minor missions she led before had soldiers chosen by the generals. After a day of research to every soldier she finally built up a good team.

Major Restless Nightmare

She was leading the group and had the sharpest eye. Sometimes she managed to kill special targets without even get into enemy outposts, so she hadn´t to get any of her squad mates into danger.

Captain Taut String - MIA

He was a master with every midrange weapon. He mostly used the crossbow to kill his enemies, but sometimes also a short bow.

Second lieutenant Fast Strike

No one else was as fast as him. He often flew behind enemy lines to distract them and then fast flew back to get out before the shit hit the fan. He also had the best melee combat skills. He fought many griffons with his sword and often killed or crippled them. He is the only one who survived the war besides nightmare.

Master sergeant Boom Boom – KIA

He wasn´t a normal pony, but that made him. He loved to play with explosives and he was the best pyromaniac in the army. He often built good explosive traps which helped to secure the squads retreat. He also blew up some of the griffons outposts. Poorly he did not survive his last explosion.

Sergeant Deep Scar - Medic – MIA

As one of the best field medics he was the perfect doctor for nightmares squad. At first he was very silent during the missions and between them, but when the group started to become a family he got very talkative. He often had gross stories about wounds he already saw as a medic. One time second lieutenant strike had to puke after scar told one of those stories.
The squad accomplished most of their missions perfectly. They got Intel about very important moves of the griffons and eliminated high ranked griffons. Everything the squad started turned out as a success. They nearly thought they would be invincible (even though they had some minor injuries sometimes), but then everything changed.

It was 0300 as the mission started. Major Nightmare had a strange feeling that day, but she ignored it. She was in need of all her concentration. They had to break into an outpost of the griffons, which was in the basement of a destroyed building. They entered through a small ventilation shaft. The first two guards they saw they killed silent so no griffon would hear them. Then they rushed through a door into the planning room of the griffons and started to kill the rest of them. Till that point everything went as planned. They wanted to escape through the basement of the neighbor building since the sound of dying griffons would soon get more griffons to the basement. Boom Boom placed a charge of explosives on the wall which was separating them from their exit as the charge didn´t lit up. Boom Boom stepped out of the cover and went to light the explosives again, but the fuse seemed to be wet. “The fuse it wet. Let me just…” were his last word before the charge exploded instantly and blasted Boom Boom away. He was dead in seconds. Nightmare wanted to take his corpse with them, but they hadn’t the time for carrying him, so she just grabbed his dog tags and they fled from that place. The rest of the squad was sad, but they had to bring the information they gathered to the leaders to get new orders.

The following missions went well, but the whole squad had to fight with their sadness about Boom booms death.

Their last mission as squad was on board of the warship prototype Dorsal Dam. It was on a big offensive against the griffons, they had very much soldiers on the ship which should be dropped near the enemy line. Major Nightmare’s squad and some other squads had to secure the ship on its way. It seemed like a pretty easy mission, just chilling on the deck and looking out for griffons. But once again they were proven wrong. They weren’t near their destination when a battleship and a troop carrier of the griffons appeared. The Dorsal Dam had no chance. At first the griffons aboard them and started to kill the soldiers. Restless and her squad tried to stop them but they failed. They retreated into the lower decks, to form another line of defense. In the second encounter Captain String got hit by a sword and got a big wound. They carried him into a safer zone and sergeant scar tried to stich the wound up. As they heard the griffons retreating Nightmare and strike walked back to the upper deck, just to see how the warship of the griffons getting into fire position. The first shots hit their ship critical and nightmare and strike were blasted of the ship. They managed to get away from the battlefield but they had to see how the Dorsal Dam was moving to the ground where it lit up and burned down. Sergeant star and captains string weren’t seen after that and were tagged MIA after Nightmare and strike went back to the base.


Her Dog Tags
Boom Boom´s Dog Tags
dayvision googles (to give the ability to see clearly at days at batpony)
Combat Knive 

Her Armor (mostly not worn)
Long Bow (not often with her)

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