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Name: Wisteria
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Occupation: Mercenary; Infiltration Specialist
Virtue/Vice: Charisma
Special Talent: Invasion
Minor Talents: Getting into places she shouldn’t
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 3’10”
Coat Color: Yellow-Blonde
Mane/Tail Color: Yellow
Eye color: Brilliant Sapphire
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Wisteria Blossom


Wist is a mischievous soul, constantly on the search for fun. She likes being happy, and likes meeting new ponies and making friends with them. She is friendly to most anypony, but will not hesitate to fight to the death if the situation calls for it.

She walks the line of neutrality, making acquaintances with griffin soldiers and mercenaries as well as pony rebels and blackmarketeers. She is quite the fillyfooler, but will sleep with stallions on occasion. She has no problem with griffons being in control of the general populace, so long as they don't try to dominate her.

She likes parties and alcohol, and would rather talk her way out of a bad situation. She just wants to be friends with everypony, and acts goofy and playful most of the time. However, she does have a serious side that comes out when under fire and when working. And she is prone to fits of depression around Nightmare Night.

Twelve years ago, her parents fled Equestria from Stalliongrad. They went across the sea to Saddle Arabia, seeking safety from the encroaching Griffon Kingdom. They settled into a small house in a small village, and decided to live out their lives in this new, hot land.

However, times were hard. Despite working long hours in a field, working the barren land for food like a common earth pony, her father made very little money, and much if that went into drinking. Many nights he would return home, drunk, and beat his wife and foal senseless. This went on for many years, until her mother finally snapped and struck back.

It was Nightmare Night, and after attending a party with some friends, at which alcohol was had, they returned home with the drunk stallion. Wist had accidently spilled a bowl of batter on his costume, and he started to hit her. Her mother leapt in and bucked him, and he grew enraged. He fought his wife like a madpony, and beat her to death.

Upon realization of what he had done, he realized that he would go to jail for a long time, and his daughter would be left alone. He came to the decision that he would kill her as well, and then himself. Luckily, the neighbors had overheard the fight, and they broke in and restrained him. He was taken away, and friends took in Wist.

For a few years, while Equestria slowly fell to the Kingdoms, Wist lived with her adopted parents and sister. Then, when she turned eighteen, she left Saddle Arabia, intent on traveling and finding her place in the world. She visited many foreign nations, and made friends with zebras and buffalo and a few diamond dogs.

She also began to pick up a few skills. It started simply enough. She accidently left her bags in a rail-station, and snuck back in to get them. She realized how simple it was, and took a liking to it. She began to sneak into other places as well, and eventually found a pony willing to pay her to steal something.

This opened up a whole new world for her. She started with theft, and eventually moved on to sabotage and assassination. Eventually, she found herself on a boat to Equestria. She had vague memories of this land, and decided to make some new, griffon friends as well. Who knows, this land might just have more ponies and griffons that have need of her services…

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:
Charismatic Speech- She is experienced in smooth talking neutral NPCs and characters. An angry character is difficult for anypony to convince, even her.

Personal Timeline:

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