Suture [Unicorn]

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Suture [Unicorn]

Post by Hark on Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:29 am

Name: Suture
Species: Unicorn Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Occupation: Doctor
Likes: Stuff
Dislikes: Stuff
Special Talent: Healing wounds.
Minor Talents: Engineering
Alignment: Neutral, Anti-Griffon
Height: 3’ 8”
Coat Color: Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A suture.
Picture: (pictures are not required, but are highly recommended)
Personality: Curiosity is one of the driving forces behind Suture's psyche. In fact, curiosity is always driving her forward toward a new dawn. Generally, this will show all the time, in exclusion to Suture's passion. A generally kind pony, Suture will want to help, but only if it doesn't end up in her sacrifice, and by that, we refer to Suture's sacrifice of anything. Suture, while she is kind and wont to help, has incredible trust issues; no matter how hard she tries, she falls short of trusting anyone with anything due to the fact that she is mentally ill.

However, despite her deep-rooted trust issues and deep depression, Suture generally remains a happy pony, albeit living in poor conditions. It's very odd how Suture is able to make herself happy based entirely on her passion for medicine and helping ponies, and her passion for learning about virtually anything; it is these passions, we can say, that are keeping Ms. Suture entirely sane.

History: Suture was born without the lower portion of her right foreleg. Even in Equestria, this turned out to be a problem as she matured, as deformities are the easiest thing for a schoolyard bully to pick on. Starting with a schoolyard bully, then transitioning into your extended family, and ending with your own father, you tend to lose trust in things and develop mild schizophrenia. You see, her deformity was a serious problem whenever her uncle was involved, as he always thought that she was weak and didn't deserve to live on to have children. Her father didn't think the same thing, but still cast her out out of spite for her not being a perfect child (and he wonders why she became insane in the end). After her mother divorced her father over this, Suture moved to a more rural area than Manehatten, growing up fairly peacefully from then on out despite the war (which was great, because her father AND uncle were killed in).

Having the advantage of an incredible intelligence, Suture, out of the fact that she had earned her cutie mark for suturing herself up, chose medical doctoring as her profession; nothing specific, just general doctoring. Mastering a wide variety of skills during her time at college, in which she spent eight years at, Suture became a highly trained and competent doctor, even minoring in bioengineering on the side and designing her own magitech prosthesis.

Now, Suture lives in Manehatten out of the reason that it was her home, and it was in the estate left to Suture by her mother who had attained it from Suture's father due to his death and rendering Suture and her mother as 'closest relatives' despite the divorce.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions:

Personal Timeline

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Re: Suture [Unicorn]

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