The Rules.

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The Rules.

Post by Sassaflash on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:14 pm

Hello and Welcome to My Little Pony: Griffon Kingdoms (GK)! This site is a Role Playing forum based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, more specifically, what if the Griffons went to war with Equestria and now occupy the entire kingdom. This site prides itself in being as open ended as possible, allowing players and characters to do what they wish (within reason of course). As such there are not too many rules, so knowing and following them should not be hard for anypony. The rules stated here are the general rules for the entire site. Please do your best to adhere to them if you wish to participate. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please contact a staff member and they will do their best to help in anyway they can.

Thank you and hope you enjoy

The Staff

Steel Strike - Character Sheet, Plot Planning, Chat and Rebellion Leader, Ship Admiral
Double Edge - New Lore, World Building, and Rebellion Leader, DMer of DND
Megabyte Stream - Chat Leader, Random Encounter Manager, Gif Queen, Positive Attitude

Assistant Administrator
Zweihander - Griffbutt Extraordinaire, Thread, World Building, and Griffon Leader

Tisis Antony - Calendar Timeline, Thread, and News Paper Editor in Chief, Part-Time Troll

The rules
1) The official language of the site is English. I know it may be difficult for some people, but that's just the way it has to be when most of the population's first language will be English. If you do not know English, the best way to learn is to hang out with people who do. Google Translate is an excellent tool. We are happy to have you none the less, and are fully willing to assist you, teach you, and tolerate any mistakes. Please try your best to post in English; even if it looks like a dying walrus. And using other languages in the chatbox is 100% acceptable, so long as you make an attempt to speak English as well.

2) God Modding is strictly prohibited and strongly enforced. God Modding is defined as controlling anything you do not have control over. A few examples; controlling another players character (without his/her permission), making a character who cannot be harmed or killed, or can avoid it easily. (also known as a 'Mary Sue'). An acceptable act of God Modding can be something like creating and using a random NPC for a purpose designed for your story or character.

3) Killing another player without his/her permission is not allowed. This is called 'God Modding', and is against the rules. But remember, even though your character cannot die without your permission does NOT mean that he or she is invincible or immortal. You can, and will be harmed. It is also God Modding to disallow your character to be harmed. If a staff member has to step in and tell you to make your character be hurt, we will. We will not, however, ask you to kill your character. Your character's life is in your own hands; all we can do is make you suffer some sort of harm in an appropriate situation.

4) Do not Double post or spam. If you accidentally do double post or spam and cannot remove it, report the post or inform a staff member, and it will be handled ASAP.

5) Only one character is allowed per account. If you wish to create an alternate character, you may do so by creating a new account with a new email address. You may create a single companion for your account, as in, a single NPC character who you control through the account.

6) Signatures, Avatars and Usernames: Signatures are allowed, but are not to exceed a 600x200 pixel size. One image per signature, try not to go too crazy with it. Avatars are a necessity, you must have an avatar of your character. However, you will not be punished for having the default (Gummy) avatar you are given upon registration. But do try to change it as soon as you can. Usernames should be the same as your character's name. If you've already made an account, you CAN change your name still by going to 'Profile' in the navbar at the top. Remember to try your best to have character names make sense with the show canon.

7) No means no! Nobody can tell you what to do with your character. Nobody can tell you what to do with yourself. This is called peer pressure and it is frowned upon. Players are not allowed to pester other players to get their way, i.e.: trying to make you kill your character, or making you stay in or join a thread you want out of, or do not wish to join. If you say 'no', and they pursue the matter further, that is called harassment, and it is to be reported to a staff member immediately.

8) No canon characters! You are not allowed to play as a canon character. You are not allowed to create one as an NPC, you are not allowed to know one, and you are not allowed to be related to one except in a special case. You would have to be a trusted, veteran member to be allowed to do this.

9) No clop, adult, or sexual content is allowed. Period. This includes NSFW threads, clopping in chat, any explicit actions of a sexual nature, pictures, videos, or any other form of media that portrays obscene or explicit material. First time offenses will be met with a week long site IP ban. Second offense is a permanent IP ban. This sort of stuff will not be tolerated at all. There are children who visit this site. Shipping, however, is allowed. This includes kissing, hugging, and the suggestion of in character sex. (fade to black).

10) Have fun and get along! Arguing will not be tolerated and will be considered spam either in the chat box or in OOC posts. IC arguments are completely acceptable.

These rules are subject to change. When this happens, notice will be given

Now that you have read the rules you are free to create your character application here. Once you have followed the guidelines and have completed your application, please inform a staff member and wait patiently to have it reviewed. Once accepted, you are free to play!

A very big and special thanks to
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