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Subforum Rules

Post by Johan Tercel on Fri May 17, 2013 2:43 pm

The Rules of the Registry

So, have you ever wanted to have your own store, hospital, bar, or business? Here's your chance Griffon Kingdoms! The rules for submitting a Subforum for approval:

-you must have at least three (3) members of the forum support the registration at start up

-you must promise traffic in the subforum

-you must follow ALL the rules of the normal forums, located HERE

Here is the format we desire all applications in. As well, in the title of the topic place either "Work in Progress" or "Completed" in the title. Staff will not approve or post in applications with the "Work in Progress" tag. If "Complete" is posted, staff will look over the application. If satisfactory, the Subforum will be created. If not, a staff member will post in the topic what you need to change.

If a Subforum no longer gets traffic, having inactivity for several weeks, it will be deleted and all posts moved to the parent forum.


Name: Redboar Pub

Function: Restaurant and Bar

Location: Main Street

Owner: Member X

Supporters: Member A, Member B, Member C

Description and Purpose: (One to Two paragraphs is recommended. Detail what it looks like, what happens there, maybe a bit of history.)
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