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Fighting Rules

Post by Sassaflash on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:12 pm

Fighting is going to happen A LOT on this site. You would be wise to create a character who at least knew how to take a punch. But that is an issue for another topic. In this thread, we will be going over the proper way to fight in character.

It works in turns, you generally are not suppose to do more than 2 actions per post. So say you just got knocked down. You can stand up and throw a punch in one post. Or if somepony just threw a punch at you, you can attempt to block it and throw a punch back. This site relies mainly on imagination, and fairness. Talk with your opponent and plan out your actions. Decide beforehand who will be taking the hits. If neither of you can agree to take a hit, then decide to do something else. If you still cannot decide, a staff member will have to step in and decide what to do.

So let's set up a scenario here. Trixie and Twilight are battling, I will show you post by post how they should fight.

Trixie approached the door to the library where Twilight Sparkle resided and knocked on the door a few times, ready to give her what for once the door opened.

Twilight opens her door to suddenly find Trixie standing in the with an angry look on her face. Twilight let out a yelp and fell back on her haunches as she tried to back away from the angry mare.

Trixie lowered her horn and prepared herself for a magical attack. She charged for a moment or two and fired a powerful energy attack at the panicked Twilight.

Twilight rolled to the side to avoid the attack, but it still managed to burn her back some as it whisked by. She got to her hooves and bolted for the stairs, hoping to avoid being shot in the back as she ran.

Trixie followed the mare with her horn, firing off shots as she ran.

Twilight started up the stairs as the attacks flew around her. She stopped momentarily and fired a shot back at Trixie before turning and continuing up the stairs.

Trixie did not see the attack coming as it hit her square in the chest. It knocked her back out of the door, but she was not down yet. She stood up and returned to the door way to continue the fight.

That's basically all there is to it. Try not to God Mod by avoiding every single attack, and try not to GM by claiming the attacks hit.

Here is an example of a GM.

Trixie fired a shot at Twilight and the shot hit her in the face, causing the mare to collapse to the floor in a heap.


Do not ever just say you've done something to someone else's character. That is God Modding and it is big time against the rules. What you may do is perhaps suggest what the outcome could be should the attack hit. And remember this goes for just about anything involving two characters, not just fighting.

Let's try again.

Trixie charged an attack and fired it at Twilight. The attack moved fast, and was aimed straight at her. Should the attack hit her, it would be enough to bring the mare to the ground.

Bueno! (good)

That is the proper way to rp a battle with another player. Fighting NPCs is another issue. Be sure to keep in mind that if a player creates an NPC, that NPC belongs to that player. If you attempt to control the NPC without his/her creator's permission, it is God Modding.

When battling an NPC enemy, you may not God Mod. Treat it similarly to fighting a player. However, since it is not a player, there is a little more leeway. Don't abuse it. If the NPC is being controlled by another player (and it most likely will; either by a player or staff member(game warden)) do not control that NPC. It is not yours to control.

Let's give an example of GMing NPCs.

Twilight wandered into town with Spike at her side. They were on their way to the store to buy some groceries.

Rarity was walking down the street and spotted Twilight and Spike. "Hello, darlings!" she called. Spike perked up immediately when he saw his crush calling to him.
"Hi, Rarity!" Spike called back.


Yes, we all know Spike would be happy to see Rarity. However, Twilight is the player who created Spike and brought him in as an NPC. Therefore, only Twilight can control Spike's actions. However, if Rarity had asked ahead of time for permission to have Spike do this, then that is 100% acceptable.

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