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Changeling Rules

Post by Sassaflash on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:39 pm

Any character wishing to play as a Changeling must be very familiar with these rules and the Changeling Lore.

Authors: Reflected Failure, Onyx, Freyia

-=Gaining Love=-
Love is what is required by all Changelings to function properly. Love is lost over time as the character progresses. A character will start off with “a few days’ worth,” and how much collected is dependent on the others around him/her, meaning there may be none collected. Changelings are unable to feed off other emotions like happiness or excitement. If a character does not at least love as a friend, there is no love gained. If a character drops out of a thread for any given amount of time or join in another elsewhere, for that thread your love is reset to “Average” even if you spent the whole other thread sleeping with mares and getting more love.

The magic and capabilities of Changelings is listed below. A character may choose to specialize in certain spells and capabilities. Doing so will lower the effectiveness of others while increasing the effectiveness of those specialized in. For every specialization you must choose any two combination of either spells that cannot be used or capabilities that are decreased in effectiveness. Specializing increases the skill, effectiveness, and power of the spell or capability. This means that using the spell will take less effort and be more effective or the capability is . Some spells and capabilities have extra features specialized. A decreased spell is unable to be used at all. A decreased capability has reduced effectiveness and power.

For example a Changeling character specializes in Crash Shield and Flying. He chooses to decrease Levitate, Transform, Night Vision, and Resin. This means that he is faster and has a more effective Crash Shield than other Changelings while at the same time he is unable to cast Levitate and Transform, and his resin and night vision is below average and less effective than other Changeling.

Energy Bolt - A generic magical energy bolt. Most unicorns use them. A Changelings energy bolt is decided by how much love they have. (An Average Changeling = Normal Unicorn). Specializing in this makes the bolts more powerful and able to fire faster.

Crash shield - A Changeling’s shield is more powerful than that of a unicorn when it comes to taking kinetic damage, but it only covers everything within a 45 degree angle from the end of the nose. So if you’re sideways yes it will cover your side. Not only does maintaining the shield increase the rate in which your magic drains, but any damage it takes also takes from your love reserves. Specializing increases the strength and durability of the shield, it will not change the radius or shape.

Transformation - A changeling can shape shift into any pony they see. If they specialize, they can mix and match these traits to create their own pony. Only a specialized Changeling in Transformation can turn into races other than equine.

Levitation (Cannot be Traded) - Like unicorns, Changelings can levitate objects from a distance. They are less skilled at this than Unicorns, who can lift from farther away and heavier objects. If a Changeling specializes in this, they become as proficient as Unicorns immediately, with the potential to for more.

Flying - Changelings are slower than both Pegasi and Griffons. However, they can outmaneuver both of them. Speed is what is mostly improved from specializing in this.

Strength - Changelings are durable but not invulnerable, and they sure as hell aren’t built for hoof to hoof combat. Specializing in this will increase the physical power a Changeling can have.

Carapace - Changelings have tough yet flexible and smooth coats. These coats naturally increase the amount damage a changeling can take but suffer when hit by blunt weapons. (mallets, maces, clubs, even hoof or claw strikes). A Changeling can increase the durability and toughness of their carapace without sacrificing flexibility by specializing.

Eating (Cannot be Traded) - Eating normal food does not give more love, but it does slow down the rate in which love is lost by just a little, though only eating food will eventually kill the changeling as they still need love to function. No benefit from specialization.

Night Vision - Changelings can see decently in dark places, (Not pitch black) but more often than not are given away due to their eyes glowing a very bright blue or green. Specializing in this improves the distance and light level required for normal vision.

Natural Resin - All changelings can excrete a green organic substance, which can be molded and stretched to fit multiple things. All characters may choose two attributes for their resin. If specialized in, a character may choose three attributes:
-Enzyme Rich Resin: At its base form it’s thick and wet, but has several anti-bacterial enzymes on it which make it good for bandaging.
-Tough Resin: When heated and refined, it hardens to that of roughly iron and can make a good piece of building material.
-Flexible Resin: When cooled it becomes flexible yet sturdy, like a trampoline it then becomes flammable.
-Glass Resin: When stretched far enough it becomes reflective, and then transparent, making good windows or mirrors.

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