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Glowball [Unicorn]

Post by Mythee on Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:01 pm

Species: Unicorn
Gender: F
Age: 21
Occupation: Biomagics Scientist
Virtue: Wisdom
Special Talent: Biological decoding; she can discern biological past and future of life forms and uh, land forms. It's not fortune telling; the knowledge (more like 'scientifically approved guesses') results of being able to magically analyze biological/mineral data and run simulations of how this data structure arises and will continue to behave in different environmental contexts. ...Basically, what geneticists and geologists IRL do xD Progression of ability: As Glowball uses this talent more often, she'll get more precise readings and might even grow more powerful. Right now, she probably can't use it on anything bigger than a squirrel or squirrel-sized rock.
Minor Talents: Designing experiments, being calm in any situation, Making puns, withstanding cold, has an excellent microscopic vision spell...? xD

Height: 4'2"

Coat Color: Medium Grey
Mane/Tail Color: Brown-black, turquoise tips
Eye color: Hazel
Cutie/Glyph Mark: The world

Note: The two-pronged horn can be ignored. xD She was initially designed that way because I thought my ponysona could be a half-western, half-asian unicorn; the asian equivalent to the unicorn (Qilins) have two horns so I combined them. We can totally ignore this physical trait in the RP if it's problematic.

Glowball at work and other assorted arts by myself

First art by myself! (warning: big)

Earthcopter By Infernal Dalek

Glowball in SPAAAACE! ... This is by a guy who did a lot of surreal pony art on ponychan, like applejack and twilight sparkle mushrooms etc. If anyone knows their name please tell me for I would like to credit them properly QvQ

On the surface, Glowball seems an unkempt, yet well-educated, unexpectedly silly scientist whose speech is imbued with jargon (and the occasional pun.) Used to a cool lab environment, she's weak to hot weather and overheats easily- 'Glowball warming', you heard of it? xD

Perhaps as an extension of her talent, with Glowball it's always about the big picture; Even though she is absolutely well-intentioned (Neutral Good ftw) she can come across as cold and insensitive in her speech due to perceiving everything (and to a certain degree, everypony) as parts of systems, whose well-being has to be maintained and understood for the good of the big picture.

She does not believe in authority or superiority of one pony over anypony, but is equipped with good sense not to make hasty and endangering decisions despite her eagerness to 'help the world be even more awesome'. Quite the contrary; she's the type that tries to find the most reasonable solutions (incidentally, also the type that giggles at the ghosties). She's irreconcilably nerdy, loves bugs and hates death and sads. In fact, she values life so much that she kills nothing. Not even a mosquito. Ever. Which makes her a very poor soldier, even though she agrees that ponykind must work to restore the world to balance.

History: She comes from a cheerful pony family, her mother an avid botanist and her father the adventuring leader of a prospecting troupe. Despite spending most of her time passionately sciencing, she was socially active and well-liked with friends from many trots of life. When the griffon raids of pony lands were getting closer to her town, Glowball took precautionary measures. She managed to convince many to leave town and seek hiding places, but most have gone separate ways and she no longer knows how her friends and family are doing. She isn't too butthurt about losing her lab and interrupting her research, but she hopes that the battle to restore peace to the world will be won within her lifetime. I mean, hey war, I was BUSY, geez.

In any case, she now spends her days doing what she can to understand the situation and uh, help things get better. Which isn't necessarily always a violent undertaking, kapisch? [/inb4 not all rebels kapisch] In any case, she doesn't like the air of vengefulness hanging over the rebellion. Though she supposes anger makes a better motivator than sorrow, she thinks the methods it induces are no better than the murderous merrymaking of certain griffon invaders.

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