Abaddon [unicorn]

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Abaddon [unicorn]

Post by Abaddon on Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:41 pm


Name: Abaddon
Species: unicorn
Gender: male
Age: 30
Occupation: Ex-soldier
Vice/Virtue: Toughness
Special Talent: Fire magic on sword
Minor Talents: nearly fire resistent
Alignment: Neutral-> rebellion


Height: 4'9"
Coat Color: Red
Mane/Tail Color: Black
Eye color: Orange
Cutie Mark: burning sword




Abaddon has physical strength which he uses to fight against the griffons.
His unicorn magic isn´t very distinct and he only can cast some fire spells.
But in combination with his sword its a mighty weapon.
His coat is nearly fire resistent, because of many accidents with his fire magic on himself.

He fights for the revenge of his fallen pals and for the freedom of the ponies.
He never gives up and he only retreat if theres no other option.
He is a loyal pony who would walk trough the fire for you, if you gained his trust.
He wants to join the rebels to free equestria from the griffons.


Abaddon was Born in the city Flankfurt. Because his mother died during his birth, His father gave him out to adoption. he was given to a very nice family, where he was the only unicorn. His new parents raise him like a normal pony. Soe he never learned how to use his magic. He lived in peace with his earthpony silblings.In school he often got bullied for being a "blank flank" and for not be able to use his magic. He was an average pupil, but lost his motivation to go to school from the bullying.His parents forced him to go to school and tried to talk with his teachers, but the bullying continued. He started to train himself to get his revenge. He got stronger and stronger. One day the bullies apeared again to beat him, but this time he was prepared. They were a bit shocked when the first one who tried to git him, felt to the ground after to hits from abaddon, but they still tried to beat him together. After the Brawl Abaddon was the only one standing. He beat the shit out of them. The teacher entered in this moment and saw abaddon and the beaten pupils. He got expelled for his brutality. His parents were very disapointed and arrested him in his room. But Abaddon was fed up and broke out. He started to travel through the world to find something where he can use his strength. He ended up in a small city near Stalliongrad, where he worked for an old smith. There he experienced his enthusiasm for Fire. He liked the sparks which were produced while hammering on hot iron. and he liked the fire which could destry something, or helped to form something new. Abaddon soon started to experience his ability of fire magic. The abillity came in useful for the smith. Mostly He and the smith produced weapons for the military academy in Stalliongrad. Mostly abaddon had to deliver them there and saw the soldiers training. After two Years in the smith he decidet to join the military.

When abaddon started he was a very good recruit. He was Strong and could follow orders. His sergent saw the potential in Abaddon. Abaddon was trained with the earth ponies, because his magic was not good enough for the unicorn squads. He soon got command of his own squad and learned much tactics and strategies.

When te war begun, he couldn´t wait to proove himself. He was in many battles and his Unit was very succesful, but mostly they had to retreat. The griffons had to much soldiers. Abaddon and his Unit soon earned a good reputation. His unit even got feared by some of the griffons. he and his Unit where like Brothers and sisters. They cared for each other and no one gots left behind. But in the last battle, the battle of Canterlot, they got in an ambush. Abaddon was the only one who was able to escape. At first he tried to help the others, but they got no chance. He fleed, with scars and wounds. he feel guilty till now and sweared to take revenge for his fallen pals.

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Re: Abaddon [unicorn]

Post by Steel Strike on Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:14 pm

Approved. Very good job!
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