"The Grey" [Pegasus]

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"The Grey" [Pegasus]

Post by Grayscale on Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:32 am

Name: Jack "The Grey" Grayscale
Species: Pegasus
Age:about 55
Occupation:Ex-Scout of the Equestrian Army, works now on a farm
Special Talent: gathering informations
Minor Talents: strong fighter, but slow
Height: 4'5"
Coat Color:Gray
Mane/Tail Color:Blue with gray
Eye color:light blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: compass rose

Jack was always unlocked towards his friends, because he  trusted them blind. But since the war is over, he lives very much secludedly on his farm. While he visits the city he goes usually in silence through the streets and remains only as long as he has to.
By his education he is distrustfully towards strangers. You never know who is a spy  and who you  can really trust. But if you have won him as a friend he will protect you with his live.
Through his shopping trips he already heard the rumors of a rebellion, but what he has heard sounded like a group of fillies without discipline or a kind of organisation which annoy the gryphons a little bit . He  slowly doubted  that Equestria becomes once again in such a way as it was once.

A well hidden combat knife under his wing

As a son of a farmer's family (Dad was an earthpony and Mum was a Pegasus) he has learnt quite early what hard work means . The work on the farm was strenuous and difficult, Jack was thereby was often stronger than his Earthpony friends with whom he has been relaxing in the village. His father wanted to give him an understanding of the beauty of the nature and has taken him with on excursions to the wilderness. There they sometimes lay for hours, only to observe a bear fishing.
With 17 he committed himself, like most of his friends on the countryside, for the Equestrian Army. Actually it was his dream to travelling, but for it he lacked the money. Together with his friends he finished the 3-year-old basic education. Then it was decided whether one remains a normal infantry or specialises. Jack and 2 of his friends with whom he was on the move mostly in the wilderness went to the scouts. Quick it became clear to the instructors that Jack and his friends were something special. They received an additional special training in sabotage and Undercover spying and counterespionage. After other 2  years they had finished their education and were ready for duty. Jack had turned out particularly gifted one and became  the leader of the three men group.
The biggest part of her applications led them in the gryphon empire.Some maybe expect now applications rich in action , but in reality these mostly were only Undercover applications for the procurement of information which were finished without violence. This was also in the interest of Jack, because he was not the type of pony who kills with pleasure.
His service on the front ended with 40. Then he remained another 2 years in the military and trained the new scouts, until one day he  received  a letter, where stood that his parents have passed away. He was dismissed honourably and since then he works again on the farm.
Years moved in the country and Jack got used  slowly to the quiet farm life, until he, about one week before the war broke out,got a letter of the EIA (Equestrian Intelligence agency), where stood that the gryphon kingdom wanted to carry out a big military operation,but the target was unclear. Jack and his friends were recovered again and served as an adviser,but it was too late. The gryphons started the invasion a week later.
Thanks to Jack's consultation they could do a few successful counterattacks, but in the end the exit of the war was clear to all. In the last big battle Jack and his friends were also sent on the battlefield. The complete chaos has ruled there and Jack was separated from his friends and has not seen them since then any more. He has made it alive  from the slaughter-house and after a year in captivity they have allowed him to go  back to his farm.

4.Oct.,evening A simple camping spot
5.Oct,morning Morning shopping
5.Oct.,morning Another day at the clinic
23.Oct.,midday Free lunch
27.Oct,midday Worthless hunk of shit
28.Oct.,early morning  On the run
29.Oct.,evening Mandatory city meeting
30 Oct., afternoon The grand opening
05. Nov.,evening The death of an assistant
08.Nov.,midday RE: Quiet deciet
10.Nov.,afternoon Looking for Directions
12.Nov.,midday Musical interventions
12.Nov., afternoon Guide to the Undermarket
12.Nov.,6 PM Rebellion is Brewing...
12.Nov.,evening Guide through the Undermarket
12.Nov.,10 PM Sewing the seeds...
14.Nov., evening RE:Lets start a riot
14.Nov., morning RE: Old souls, Old Stories
16.Nov., noon Good to be back
17.Nov., noon New friends, New hope
17.Nov., afternoon and 18.Nov., morning Information leakage
18. Nov., afternoon The Pick up
18. Nov., evening Meeting of importance
9. Dec., evening Meeting of minds

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