Zero [Pegasus]

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Zero [Pegasus]

Post by Oberleutnant Windhover on Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:28 pm

Name: Zero
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Occupation: Scout
Special Talent: Reconnaissance
Minor Talent: Multimedia Artist
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4' 2''
Coat Color: Beige
Mane/Tail Color: Overcast Grey/White streak
Eye color: Amethyst
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Can of Spraypaint

Personality: Zero's personality has two different spectrums. On one side, he could be a quiet, stoic pony that seems not to give a shit about anything. But that's rarely the case, he always cares. On the other end, he can be laughing and having a good time, sometimes making himself look like an idiot during the process, although he uncommonly appears on this side. He prefers to be alone, where he can draw and listen to music in peace, but given his lifestyle, he finds little time for this. Despite the environment he grew up in, Zero is well cultured and exceptionally educated.

History: Born in the ghettos of Manehatten, Zero was the product of a prostitute's failed abortion. He never knew his father, or his mother, for that matter, as she was always high on the drugs she took. As a small foal, Zero was neglected of the proper care one would require, and grew up to resent his mother, who was always 'out on work'. In fact, he named himself, his mother only calling him 'kid' up to the point where he chose a name for himself, even still his mother known him as 'kid'. He stayed outside the house most of his days, going to the library to take reading lessons or hone the artistic skills he began to develop, dreading his return home, as he could walk in on everything from a drug deal to his mother 'working', or her simply passed out on the floor.

When he was 9, the war started, but he resumed life as best as he could. Nearing the age of 12, the griffons swept Manehatten, turning his life for the worse. He and his mother moved and went underground, where she continued her job as a prostitute until she contracted a disease from her line of work and was confined to bed as a result. Zero was then 15. In order to pay for her medication, as well as food, Zero was forced to become a drug runner, going all across the city to sell various substances.

He did this until he was 18, after his mother died from her sickness. Seeing this as a weight off his shoulders, he decided to move on and find a new life. He had always hated the griffons, and started doing whatever he could to pick away at them and survive at the same time. Knowing he wasn't going to make any progress alone, he decided to try his luck and go join the Rebels at their recruitment center, in the Undermarket.

Special Skills/Abilities Descriptions: He knows many parts of the city well, a result of drug running for several years, so he makes an excellent guide or scout.

Personal Timeline:

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Re: Zero [Pegasus]

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:04 pm

Accepted ^^
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