Rad Boom [Pegasus]

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Rad Boom [Pegasus]

Post by Rad Boom on Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:57 am

Name: Rad Boom
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Stallion
Age: 21
Occupation: None
Virtue/Vice: Integrity
Special Talent: Flying fast
Minor Talents:

Height: 4'2"
Coat Color: Blue/grey
Mane/Tail Color: Black/green
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Wing in green flames


Rad Boom is a very competative pony, he loves a challenge, and loves to win. That is not to say however that he is a bad loser, he doesn't mind being beaten fair and square, but he hates cheaters... With a passion. Rad Boom is a friendly pony, he will help when he can, and will rarely get angry, unless someone else starts it of course. Or they cheat. Most of all Rad loves to have fun, and will try to find some fun and entertainment in just about anything, or make it himself.

Rad Boom also loves speed, and as such will rarely stay on the ground, even travelling from one place to the next is like a race to him, even if nopony else is with him. He often flies everywhere, even if there is really no need, he just loves any excuse to fly

It is safe to say that Rad Boom has lived in the skies, as soon as he was able to fly under his own power he was in the skies. Though that alone has sometimes got him into trouble, He often loses track of time while enjoying himself, and has almost been caught out after curfew many times.

Rad has no care for the rebellion, not that he approves of the griffon rule, but he doesn't think that annoying the griffons is the way to go about it, at least not yet. It will only lead to more bloodshed, which in Rad's opinion, is far too soon after what happened. So the pegasus just tries to keep out of trouble. Safe to say Rad Boom has never intentionally caused harm, though his antics have caused a lot of pain to others in the form of recklessness and occasioally intentional when he's had to defend himself.

His parents quickly realised that Rad Boom was probably best out forging his own path, that way he wasn't destroying there home with his antics. And so they told him it was time to find his own path, somewhere outside of their home, that he needed to make friends and discover what lies in the world. And to this day that is what Rad Boom does, meets new people, finds new things, and tries to fly ever faster.
Rad Boom

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