Harmless Fun [Pegasus]

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Harmless Fun [Pegasus]

Post by Harmless Fun on Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:20 am

Name: Harmless Fun
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: unemployed
Likes: The occasional joke, peace
Dislikes: Griffons, his own failures
Astrology?:   :Pisces: 
Special Talent: Pranks
Minor Talents: Swordplay
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4'2"
Coat Color: Teal
Mane/Tail Color: Brown
Eye color: Purple
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A toy horn



Harmless Fun was a laid-back individual, back the events of the war hardened him and made him vengeful. Although, his old nature can sometimes come out, maybe even crack a joke or two here and there. At most times, however, he prefers to keep a stoic face on. 

Oddly enough, while he may seem like the grumpy leave-me-alone type, he actually enjoys the company of interesting or funny ponies. Old habits die hard, and you can even get a chuckle out of him if you try hard enough. 

He doesn't like to talk about his past, and will often become agitated and avoid the subject. After battles, he usually takes on a solemn tone, and will often meditate.


Harmless Fun. Before the war he was a carefree pegasus with a wonderful wife, a care-free attitude and basically everything he could have wanted. When the war started though, he answered the call to defend Equestria from the griffon invaders. He became a recruit and donned a sword, although he wasn't very good at it. Nevertheless, he managed to survive his military life, up until the day of the Trottingham bombings.

His wife, Indigo, lived in Trottingham, and as soon as he recieved the news, he sank into deep depression. When the next battle came, he abandoned his comrades on the battle-field, and wandered aimlessly. He stumbled upon a forest and proceeded to walk among the trees, looking for a peaceful spot to die. He happened upon a very old and ancient oak tree. Under that tree, he clutched a picture of his wife, and closed his eyes, hoping it would be for the last time.

Fate had other plans for him, it seems, for he awoke the next morning to a stranger tending to the wounds he had accumulated on his long journey. The stranger was an old pegasus, with several strange tattoos covering his body. He offered no explanation as he handed a unique looking blade to Harmless. Harmless didn't know what to expect, but something made him take that blade in his hoof, and begin training under the old mysterious pegasus. What he expected from the training, he didn't know, but regardless, he took up the training to find a way to make peace with himself.

The old pegasus taught Harmless many things. One of the most intriguing being, what Harmless could only assume as an ancient old peagsi wind technique with the blade. Using the pegasus control over the wind to direct and flow as he deemed fit. Among other things, he was taught meditation. The only hint the old pegasus gave him was the words, "find inner peace". After many years, Harmless mastered the technique of the wind and the blade, but he was growing restless. He assumed that the only way to find inner peace was to fight those responsible, the griffons. When approaching his master with his plans, the old pony said nothing. Determined, Harmless set out, back towards Equestria to find peace with himself.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: 

The technique of the wind and the blade. 

Mastery of the wind: Harmless can control the wind around him using his wings. While on the ground, Harmless can use the wind to keep him on balance or quickly maneuver himself around attacks. While airborne, Harmless is very agile. While not fast, he can easily fly in tight spaces and avoid obstacles. 
(basically lets him stand up and use a sword without falling over.)

Personal Timeline: 
[25th December, Mid-Day] The Downtown Barbecue

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Re: Harmless Fun [Pegasus]

Post by Syron on Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:55 pm

Approved, and I think I could need you in the event currently going on.

I'm one of the players of Silver Lining, who is currently trying to deal with the riots. There are two bodyguards with her, and it would be nice if at least one of them was a player character. I'm talking about this thread. Would you be up for the job?
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