Winter Bell [Unicorn]

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Winter Bell [Unicorn]

Post by Winter Bell on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:09 am

Name: Winter Bell
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Doctor
Virtue/Vice: Charity
Special Talent: Medicine
Minor Talents: Singing and dancing.

Height: 4'
Coat Color: Pale Blue
Mane/Tail Color: White
Eye color: Amethyst
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Two silver bells tied to blue ribbon.



On a good day she can be found to be quite pleasant to talk to and is generally a happy pony. But on occasion the war and the way things have gone tend to bring her mood down, often making her quiet and somewhat distant minded. She enjoys a good conversation and will be fairly kind to those who are kind to her. She wont take bad manners or rude behavior very well and she can be snappy when she's in a bad mood. She adores good music and the finer things such as dresses and decent beds, but she tends not to reveal this part of her for fear that some might judge her to be snooty or stuck up.

She is also very curious and more often then not it gets her into trouble when she accidentally stumbles across information or things that isn't meant for her ears. Winter Bell is also the kind of pony who likes to try to keep everypony happy, often making herself unhappy through the lengths she goes to make it happen. Her biggest issue in her personality is that she simply cares to much, to the point where she would place herself in harms way. The last thing one should note is her temper, although it's hard to provoke its a hellish thing to unleash and she will often trot away to calm down before speaking to the pony whose angered her, again.


Growing up Winter didn't have much to do with the war and what went on during. She was too young to fight and too young to really help in any other way. So like allot of ponies she took shelter and hoped that the armies of Equestria would prevail. However when it seemed that the Gryphons had won, and the battle lost, she began turning her attention to helping the wounded and those badly injured from the war. At first it was simply her way of helping and a private self redemption from having not done anything during the war.

But as time moved on, it developed into a career and she found a new love for helping ponies. She studied Medicine in depth, learning everything from the minor details to the major aspects of surgery. Eventually she became a fully qualified doctor and began extending herself to those who needed her the most. And since then she's never really looked back. She tries her best to stay out of trouble and away from the gryphons watchful gaze, but often she finds herself wondering if one day, ponies will win back their freedom, and if maybe she might truly be able to help instead of hiding away like she had done in her younger teen years.


Levitation - The ability to lift objects with your horn. The size and weight of the object is still relevant to the physical strength of the wielder.

Light Spell - The wielder casts a light which illuminates the area around them.

Purge - The Wielder can purge poisons and toxins from the body by casting manna flow through the blood, breaking down the poisons internally working with the immune system. Although this process involves great care one should also note that the patient will feel sick and be susceptible to throwing up afterwards.

Anesthetic Spell - A small zap from the horn and your patient is out cold. This spell is mainly used for medicine, usually for surgery of major treatments.

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